Our Upside-Down Curriculum, allows you to get a head start on these skills by starting your Game Programming classes in your first semester. By the time you finish your first year, you will have taken six courses required in your major.

Champlain's study abroad program is a great opportunity to get hands-on experience in Montreal, a major video game hub in the world. The Game Programming faculty built the curriculum so you can take a semester studying abroad without getting behind on required courses for your major.

Another important aspect of the major, one that gives students in the program a tremendous advantage when seeking employment, is the collaborative work environment provided by our Game Studio, in which Game Programming students work with Game Art & Animation, Game Design majors and Management of Creative Media majors to build games from start to finish.

Game Programming Curriculum 2014-2015

First Year

First Semester

Game History and Development
(EGD 100)

Introduction to Programming
(CSI 140)

Calculus I
(MTH 230)

Concepts of the Self
(COR 110) 

The Rhetoric of Self
(COR 115)

Second Semester

Game Technology I
(EGD 202)

Advanced Programming
(CSI 240)

Matrices, Vectors and 3D Math
(MTH 250)

Concepts of Community
(COR 120)

The Rhetoric of Community
(COR 125)

Second Year

First Semester

Graphics & Game Engine Programming I
(EGP 200)

Data Structures & Algorithms
(CSI 281)

Discrete Mathematics
(MTH 270)

Choose 200-level COR course

Choose 200-level COR course

Second Semester

Game Architecture
(EGP 310)

Game Production I
(EGD 220)

Introduction to Networking & Security
(CIT 130) OR

(NET 215)

Choose 200-level COR course

Choose 200-level COR course

Third Year

First Semester

Al for Games
(EGP 410)

Linux/Unix Programming
(CSI 230)

Computer Systems for Software Engineering I
(SWE 285)

The Global Condition
(COR 310)

Human Rights & Responsibilities
(COR 320)

Second Semester

Graphics/Game Engine Programming II
(EGP 300)

Game Production II
(EGD 320)

Local Contexts, Global Connections
(COR 330)

Local Contexts, Global Connections
(COR 330)

General Elective

Fourth Year

First Semester

College Capstone
(CCC 410)

Networking for Online Games
(EGP 405)

Physics I with Lab
(SCI 250)

General Elective

Second Semester

Console Programming
(EGP 420)

Game Physics
(EGP 425)

Senior Production
(EGD 420)

Operating Systems Architecture
(CSI 385)

General Elective

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