International Business Major

International Business

Earning your BS in International Business from Champlain College immerses you in a curriculum that emphasizes sound business fundamentals, cultural literacy, foreign study and a comprehensive approach to project-based learning with an expert faculty. With Champlain's hands-on approach to teaching, you'll connect with trade diplomats, ambassadors and executives through alliances with federal, state and local business and trade organizations.

The Robert P. Stiller School of Business not only prepares you exceptionally well in your International Business major. It also gives you a four-year, cross-business education that answers the marketplace demand for business school graduates with demonstrable knowledge, skills and hands-on experience in all the disciplines that make up the field of business including:

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Human resources
  • Management
  • Information systems and technologies
  • Marketing

Develop the Business Skills Employers Seek The Most

  • The educational approach and Curriculum in the Robert P. Stiller School of Business provides a practical, relevant business education prized by managers and employers.
  • Our faculty members understand how the business environment works because they've been there. Learn business from faculty who have deep experience in the fields they teach.
  • Become a polished business professional, through our year-long Professional Training Program, which is modeled on the corporate management training programs of Fortune 500 companies.
  • Build a highly marketable resume by taking advantage of the many International Business internship opportunities.
  • Study Abroad is essential to the International Business major. See our extensive offering of programs and opportunities.
  • Develop analytical frameworks to examine the socio-economic and cultural forces that affect any international endeavor.  Learn the other skills you will master in the International Business Major.
  • Explore a wide field of career possibilities or move on to graduate studies; envision your Career Success.
  • Find out what you need to know to apply to this popular major.

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