Focused Areas of Study For Management of Creative Media Majors

To develop your own creativity, in addition to your core business and management classes, you'll take 18 credits or more in one of  the following specialization areas within the Division of Communication & Creative Media to better understand how creative people develop their ideas.

Specializations in Management of Creative Media

  • Game Management will apply your business foundation to the fast-paced world of game development. You will work with our other game development majors in the Champlain Game Studio, where you will be responsible for guiding each production team to success.
  • Publication Management will give you the most effective methods in producing content and preparing it for mass consumption, including the most up-to-date methods of creative and technical writing, image and media creation, digital graphic design and layout, promotion and marketing.
  • Streaming Media Management offers the technical and creative fundamentals in audio and video production, streaming media design, wireless communication, electronic media writing and producing media for mobile devices.