Publication Management

An Optional Specialization for Management of Creative Media Majors

The change in our consumption of media has evolved publishing well beyond traditional printed materials. With a drastic rise in digital content, a firm understanding of the new fundamentals in publishing is critical in nearly every professional vocation.

Learn the most effective methods in producing content and preparing it for mass consumption, including the most up to date methods of creative and technical writing, image and media creation, digital graphic design and layout, promotion and marketing.

  • Study evolving developments in the world of publication, and incorporate your knowledge into real-world publishing strategies.
  • Champlain understands the importance of educating students to become innovative and flexible critical thinkers. Our Upside-Down Curriculum will get you started on relevant courses in publishing in your first semester.
  • Dive right into the publishing world by becoming involved our in-house publishing company, the Champlain College Publishing Initiative.