Streaming Media Management

An Optional Specialization for Management of Creative Media Majors

The world of broadcasting has experienced monumental change in the past decade, and the methods of broadcasting media on television, through the Internet, and on wireless devices continues to evolve at a rapid pace.

Research indicates that by the year 2014, over 500 million people worldwide will subscribe to mobile video services. Mobile broadcast is becoming the new standard, and graduates specializing in Streaming Media Management will be particularly attractive to businesses who strive to be ahead of the pack in the way their media is produced and delivered.

  • Learn technical and creative fundamentals in audio and video production, streaming media design, wireless communication, and electronic media writing, and producing media for mobile devices.
  • Develop the skills to create rich stories using a range of the industry-standard multimedia tools.
  • Incorporate your knowledge of business with your study of the management of streaming media productions.
  • Gain experience in the field of your choice through internships, projects, and in-class demonstrations.
  • Become a highly employable graduate well-prepared to apply your skills in any business requiring a versatile employee with multimedia talent.


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