Champlain College's Robert P. Stiller School of Business spends a lot of time working with employers and internship sites to determine the exact skills, knowledge and characteristics they are seeking in job candidates. Employers look to hire graduates who have developed expertise in a specific area of business; have strong critical thinking, communication and teamwork skills; and possess the ability to strategize and lead across the whole business enterprise or organization.

The Robert P. Stiller School of Business incorporates this employer input with our academic and professional expertise to provide an integrated cutting-edge education that prepares you exceptionally well in your major field of study.

Our Upside-Down Curriculum allows you to begin taking your Marketing classes beginning in your first semester. By the time you finish your first year, you will have taken upward of five courses related to your major!

Regardless of major, all Robert P. Stiller School of Business students share a core business curriculum that includes:

Marketing Curriculum 2014-2015

First Year

First Semester

Business & the Entrepreneurial Mindset
(BUS 110)

The Quantitative Language of Business
(BUS 115)

Financial Accounting
(ACC 130)

Concepts of the Self
(COR 110)

The Rhetoric of Self
(COR 115)

Second Semester

Marketing & the OB Mindset
(BUS 120)

Business Law I
(BLW 140)

(MTH 180)

Concepts of Community
(COR 120)

The Rhetoric of Community
(COR 125)

Second Year

First Semester

Consumer Behavior
(MKT 210)

Integrated Advertising
(MKT 230)

Corporate Social Responsibility
(BUS 210)

Choose 200-level COR course

Choose 200-level COR course

Second Semester

Market Research
(MKT 255)

Marketing Internship
(MKT 290)

Information Systems for Management
(MGT 265)

Choose 200-level COR course

Choose 200-level COR course

Third Year

First Semester

Digital Marketing
(MKT 350)

Managerial Economics
(ECN 255)

The Global Condition
(COR 310)

Human Rights & Responsibilities
(COR 320)

Specialization #1

Second Semester

International Business & Macroeconomics
(BUS 310)

Local Contexts, Global Connections
(COR 330)

Local Contexts, Global Connections
(COR 330)

Natural Science Elective with Lab


Fourth Year

First Semester

Integrated Marketing Communication
(MKT 440)

Financial Management I
(FIN 240)

General Elective

Specialization #2

MGT/INT/GDD/MCM elective

Second Semester

College Capstone
(CCC 410)

Specialization #3

Specialization #4

General Elective