Middle School Teacher Education

Middle School students are positively magical. The rapid intellectual and physical development that happens between 10 and 15 years of age makes being an educator of pre-adolescents particularly exciting (think: Harry, Ron and Hermione in the first four Harry Potter books...). 

It takes a very special educator to appreciate the opportunities presented by the unique age and stage of these students. Philosophically, we believe teachers need specialized training to optimize the potential of Middle School learners, which is why Champlain offers a Bachelor of Science specifically in Middle School Teacher Education.

As a Middle School Teacher Education major, you will spend an unprecedented amount of time working in middle school classrooms. This holistic approach to middle school teacher education, which seamlessly integrates theory with practice, gives our graduates a specific set of educational tools and methods tailored to the needs of middle school students.

  • Build community: small class-sizes allow you to create strong personal relationships with your professors and other education majors.
  • Actively engage in your learning: apply what you learn as you learn it.
  • Experience a broad spectrum of teaching environments: Vermont offers a diverse number of educational settings, including rural, small-town and urban. You'll spend upward of 30 hours in the field in your first year of the program.
  • Deepen your understanding of diverse cultures: work with English Language Learners (ELL), and take advantage of the option to study and teach abroad.
  • Change the world: dive into extraordinary service learning projects as a part of your major that make a significant difference in the community.
  • Develop dual subject-matter qualifications: Get recommended for dual licensure in the state of Vermont,acknowledged in most states, which includes two concentrations: Middle School English/language Arts and Middle School Social Studies.

It's All About the Middle

  • Take American History, Adolescent Psychology, and Learning Theory, among other major-specific courses from the Middle School Education curriculum in your first year at Champlain, thanks to the Upside-Down Curriculum.
  • Learn from our Middle School Education faculty who will guide you towards the skills and confidence required to lead your own classroom.
  • Gain strategies for integrating technology into the classroom and for designing curriculum. Read more about the other skills and knowledge you will master.
  • Spend time every semester helping out in real classrooms through field experiences and Student Teaching.
  • Study Abroad at one of our campuses in Montreal, Dublin, or at another exciting destination. If you choose to study at one of Champlain's international campuses, you will have the opportunity to intern in Irish classrooms or field-study locations.
  • Find out what you need to know to Apply to this popular major.