Public Relations Learning Outcomes

By the time you complete the academic and internship requirements for your Public Relations degree, you will be able to:

1.     Apply historical and theoretical knowledge when developing Public Relations materials.
2.     Evaluate the structure, content and consequences of both traditional and emerging digital media usage in Public Relations.
3.     Apply ethical codes and legal principles of the profession to current issues in Public Relations.
4.     Articulate their own ideas and express them effectively, with clarity, and interest, appropriate for a variety of audiences.
5.     Use with expertise the Research, Planning, Implementation, and Measurement strategy in the Public Relations context.
6.     Produce Public Relations collateral using a variety of tactics such as written materials, social media, audio, video, and web-based tools.
7.     Identify and anticipate behavior, consumer and communication trends as they impact the future of Public Relations.
8.     Produce culturally appropriate materials and methods of communication that reflect multicultural values and global perspectives in Public Relations practice.
9.     Design and implement hands-on, field based campaigns and projects in partnership with community clients from both for-profit and non-profit organizations.  

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