Radiography Major


What's happening beneath the skin that's causing pain in the body? Radiographers are passionate about the desire to see what can't be seen with the naked eye in order to bring the body back to health.

The amazing ability to observe internal organs and inspect skeletal structure has never been more fascinating or more powerful to make an accurate diagnosis.

The Associate of Science in Radiography degree program prepares graduates for success in the ARRT exam, the national certification exam. In our two-year program, you'll learn to:

  • Provide quality patient care   
  • Produce high-quality radiographic images
  • Understand protocols of radiographic procedures in a variety of clinical settings
  • Gain extensive experience safely operating radiographic diagnostic equipment
  • Develop a strong understanding of anatomy and physiology
  • Understand and use medical terminology
  • Apply knowledge of pathology to imaging

Mix Classroom Theory with Clinical Experience

    • Our compact curriculum starts immediately with all the relevant courses such as Introduction to Radiography, Radiographic Procedures 1 & 2 with Lab, Anatomy & Physiology 1 & 2 as well Radiography Field Experience 1 in your first year at Champlain. See the Radiography curriculum.
    • Champlain's Radiography program is fully accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (
    • Work with the latest technologies in the field during your Clinical Practica.
    • Our experienced Radiography faculty will teach you the technical and medical expertise you need stand out in this highly competitive field.
    • This program puts students into a supervised clinical setting. beginning in the first semester. By the time students finish the Radiography program, they have logged 1,600 clinical hours and created a solid network of professional relationships.
    • Gain clinical skills at four different types of facilities and acquire the experience you need for a wide variety of job possibilities.
    • This major will give you hands-on experience in the radiography field, learning the safe operation of radiographic equipment. See the other learning outcomes in the Radiography major.
    • Envision your future Career Success as a Radiography graduate!
    • Find out what you need to know to Apply to this popular major.
    • Visiting Champlain? Check out our visit options for Radiography students and get a personalized tour.