Radiography Admissions

If you want to work in a medical setting and are intrigued by imaging technology, you should consider a career as a radiographer — a professional who produces the images that physicians use in diagnosing medical pathologies. The Associate's degree in Radiography at Champlain College is the best option to start you on that path.

Offering a full 1,600 hours of clinical experience, Champlain's Radiography program is fully accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology. Through the clinical experience offered, students work with the latest technologies that exist in medical settings. Get your application started today.

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  • First Year Applicants: Radiography students should demonstrate a strong high school math and science academic preparation.  Preference will be given to students who have taken a minimum of Algebra 1 & 2 and Geometry, achieving grades of 'B' or better.  In addition, students who have a minimum of three high school science classes with grades of 'B' or better,  with a focus on Anatomy & Physiology, Chemistry and Physics  will have better success in being admitted to this program. 
  • Transfer Applicants: Transfer students must apply to the program in the traditional manner using the Online Common Application.  High school transcripts are required, as well as transcripts from all colleges attended.  Preference will be given to those with strong math and science preparation, and having shown a level of rigor in their academic achievements to date. In all transfer situations at Champlain College, students must enroll for a minimum of 30 credit hours in the Radiography Program in order to graduate with an Associate Degree and be eligible to take the ARRT exam. 
  • International Applicants: International students will be reviewed on a very individual basis. Generally, our program does not synchronize well with other programs regarding international transfer students.

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