Internships in Radiography

Internships, or clinical experiences, are required exclusively at the approved clinical sites for this program. Students gain experience in a Level 1 and Level 2 hospital-as well as an orthopedic and out-patient clinic-providing them with experience in all possible clinical settings while in the Radiography program at Champlain.

We currently utilize Fletcher Allen Health Care, a multi-campus Level One trauma center that also includes Fanny Allen campus (an outpatient facility) and Northwestern Medical Center (a Level Two trauma center).

Students gain 1,600 clinical hours in the 21 months of the program.

Radiography Major Clinical Rotations

Students rotate through these campuses throughout their educational experience, including the summer between the first and second year. This will require that students have transportation to Northwestern Medical Center in St. Albans which is 25 miles from Burlington.  Students will rotate through this clinical rotation for a total of not more than 8 weeks of their 56 weeks of clinical rotations.

The summer clinical experience is a 14 -week, full time internship, offering students the greatest practical experience of their education.

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