Clinical Sites and Rotations

Variety in clinical field experiences is one of the greatest assets of Champlain College's Radiography degree program. Clinical experiences are required exclusively at the approved clinical sites for this program, which all students rotate through.

Clinical Rotations

By the time students graduate from the two-year Radiography major, they will have accrued 1,600 hours of experience working in these clinical settings, providing them a gamut of experiences from which to develop their skills. Students gain experience in a Level I and Level II hospital, as well as an orthopedic and out-patient clinic, providing them with experience in all possible clinical settings while in the Radiography program at Champlain.

Clinical rotations begin in the first semester of their Radiography program and will continue throughout the program, including a 14-week full-time summer rotation, offering students the greatest practical experience of their education. 

Students will need to provide their own transportation to clinical rotations. The following is information about the approved clinical settings for Champlain's Radiography program.

University of Vermont Medical Center

University of Vermont Medical Center, Medical Center Campus, Burlington, VT:

  • Level I Trauma Center
  • Academic Medical Center
  • Associated with the University of Vermont's Medical School
  • Associated with other allied health programs
  • Includes three campuses with very different patient populations
  • Busy emergency room and state-of-the-art surgical arena
  • State-of-the-art digital equipment
  • Radiology department performs most of the fluoroscopic studies and integrates closely with a variety of intensive care units

University of Vermont Medical Center, Fanny Allen campus, Colchester, VT:

  • A large volume of out-patients
  • Walk-in clinic
  • Houses a rehabilitation center

Northwestern Medical Center, St. Albans, VT

Northwestern Medical Center:

  • Level II Trauma Center
  • 70-bed community hospital
  • State-of-the-art digital equipment, including a satellite orthopedic clinic
  • Offers a variety radiologic imaging services including:
    • Sonography
    • Mammography
    • CT scanning
    • MR Imaging Service