Getting students as much hands-on clinical experience as possible is integral to the design of our Radiography program. The Radiography curriculum has been structured so you will:

  • complete a job-shadowing experience in a clinical setting by May 1 prior to your August enrollment
  • spend 14 weeks  immersed in hands-on practice at our affiliated medical facilities during the summer between your first and second years (and receive a stipend for your work!)

Radiography Curriculum 2016-2017

First Year

First Semester

Critical Reading/Expository Writing I
(ENG 111)

Introduction to Radiography
(RAD 110)

Radiographic Procedures I
(RAD 120)

Radiographic Procedures I Lab
(RAD 121)

Radiographic Science I
(RAD 130)

Introduction to Allied Health
(RAD 100)

Anatomy & Physiology I
(SCI 220)

Second Semester

Critical Reading/Expository Writing II
(ENG 112)

Radiographic Procedures II
(RAD 150)

Radiographic Procedures II Lab
(RAD 151)

Radiography Field Experience I
(RAD 190)

Anatomy & Physiology II
(SCI 225)

Introduction to Statistics
(MTH 180)

Summer Session:
Summer Clinical Field Experience
(RAD 195)

Second Year

First Semester

Radiographic Science II
(RAD 230)

Radiographic Procedures III
(RAD 250)

Radiographic Procedures III Lab
(RAD 251)

Radiographic Pathology
(RAD 220)

Radiographic Field Experience II
(RAD 290)

Medical Terminology
(RAD 105)

Second Semester

(RAD 270)

Advanced Imaging Modalities
(RAD 240)

Radiography Seminar
(RAD 350)

Radiographic Clinical Field Experience III
(RAD 295)

Introduction to Sociology
(SOC 110) OR
Introduction to Psychology
(PSY 100)