Specializations - Secondary Teacher

Focused Areas of Study For Secondary Teacher Education Majors

As part of your Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood/ Elementary Teacher Education, you have the option to specialize in Educational Technology or Literature, and/or choose a minor in a number of relevant areas of study.

Having knowledge and skillset in a specific area of study increases your marketability when you go to apply to education positions post-graduation. Your faculty advisor in the Division of Education & Human Studies will help you map out the best academic path to reach your desired career and/or graduate studies goals.

Specializations available to Secondary Teacher Education Majors with a focus in Social Studies/ History

  • In the specialization in Educational Technology, you'll learn how to integrate technology into the classroom as a tool for teaching and learning, and give you the skillset to become a leader in technology in the larger school environment.
  • The specialization in Literature will give you depth in the content area of literature while allowing you  to develop a well-rounded education. Having a specialization in Literature will make you more marketable in more varied school settings with a well-developed literature program.