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Study Abroad Options for Secondary Teacher Education Majors

As a student in the Bachelor of Science program in Secondary Teacher Education major, you have the ability to spend a semester abroad during your junior year at one of Champlain's international academic centers in Dublin, Ireland or Montreal, Canada; or students could study through one of our Global Partner Programs, like Auckland, New Zealand or through a third-party affiliate. Students have studied all over the world including Spain, Italy, Wales and New Zealand.

Discover a Whole New World of Education

As a Secondary Teacher Education student, you have the opportunity to study in one of UNESCO's seven Cities of Literature at the Champlain Abroad Dublin campus, a great option for those seeking a specialization in Literature or a focus in English. You'll read the works from the country's most influential writers: James Joyce, Seamus Heaney, William Butler Yeats and Samuel Becket. Champlain's Dublin campus also offers Irish history courses that give you a glimpse into ancient and modern cultures on an internationally level. 

You also have the opportunity to study at Champlain Abroad Montreal, where if you're a English focus, you can expand your writing skills through your city excursions in the Writing the City: Montreal and the Food Writing in Montreal courses, and read from Canada's most celebrated authors. If you've concentrated your studies in History/ Social Studies, you can explore Canadian-American relations in the broader context of international relations.

At both of Champlain's international academic campuses, you have the ability to participate in a field-based internship or student placement. The staff and faculty at both international campuses will work with you to find a student placement that fits around your academic schedule, giving you a unique multi-cultural experience into school systems abroad.

Through our Global Partner Program with the Auckland University of Technology (AUT), students can take education classes that will transfer to Champlain as credit toward your degree, and participate in a teaching practicum while in New Zealand. Another opportunity available to students in the Division of Education & Human Studies is to participate in a summer four-week international student placement through the International Service Learning course.

Explore the Global Marketplace

In the extensive research Champlain has conducted over many years with the business community and public-sector organizations, "Global Appreciation" has emerged as an essential competency employers seek in their employees.

Champlain has taken a highly proactive position on cultivating this competency by ensuring that the College has embedded pioneering international learning across the curriculum.

Additionally, Champlain expects every student to engage in a study-abroad experience, and has designed the curriculum of our majors to support a semester of international study. What does this mean to you? You can study in another country, and even take an internship, and still graduate on time.

Experiences living in another country will make your more culturally sensitive, both personally and professionally, and give you a better grasp of the international policies, complexities and power of other cultural narratives.

A World of Options:

  • Champlain College's Dublin Campus attracts students from diverse majors and is the ideal starting point for further exploration of Ireland, Europe and points beyond.

  • Montreal, home to another Champlain Campus, ranked as the world's "Hippest" cities by the New York Times. Our program is known for cutting-edge academics and internship placements in a city famous for its innovative economy.

  • Champlain has developed a Global Partners Program, offering study-abroad sites in in Shanghai, China; Ifrane, Morocco; Auckland, New Zealand; or Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • Go anywhere in the world with a third-party study-abroad program. Our third-party partner programs take Champlain students as far afield as Mumbai, India; Capetown, South Africa; Florence, Italy; Innsbruck, Austria; Wellington, New Zealand; London, England; Gold Coast, Australia, and many more.

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