Psychology Minor


In today's highly competitive marketplace, many employers see education in understanding and interpreting human behavior as a valuable asset. At Champlain, our 15-credit Psychology minor will give you the foundational knowledge in psychology from a wide array of course options, making you invaluable in your professional field. 

  • Apply superior relational ability, strong teamwork skills, a fundamental understanding of human behavior, and excellent listening and communication abilities—all attributes highly prized in every organization.
  • From your first year in the minor, you will have the opportunity to apply the skills learned in the classroom in real world settings, and through work with community leaders, business owners and service providers, you'll help solve problems in the Burlington community.
  • Learn the proper skills to observe attitudes and the beliefs and behaviors of others, so you can make educated guesses about human behavior and know how to appropriately respond.
  • Select a number of elective Psychology courses in this minor such as Social Psychology, Positive Psychology and Abnormal Psychology, among others, each taught by a subject matter expert who is active in his/her applied field. 

Courses in this Minor Currently Include:

Take this course first:

Continue your minor by taking two of the following intermediate courses:

*NOTE: Because they are all within the same general sub-area of psychology (Developmental Psychology), only one of these courses will be credited toward the minor.

Complete your minor by taking two of the following advanced courses:


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