According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, careers in accounting and auditing are expected to grow by 22%, much faster than average, between now and 2018. The large increase in new jobs in this field will be largely due to changes in financial laws and government regulations as well as an increase in demand for corporate accountability to stakeholders. This accountability will require greater emphasis on transparency, controls in financial reporting which will create the need for more thorough and complete audits of financial records than ever before. Additionally, management accountants and internal auditors will be increasingly needed to detect and eliminate fraud or mismanagement before audits and ensure that important processes and procedures are accurately and thoroughly documented and followed.

Forensic accountants will also be increasingly important as illegal financial activities by individuals, companies and organized crime rings become more sophisticated. In addition to proficiency in accounting skills, companies are looking to hire people with experience with specialized software, as well as people with strong interpersonal and communication skills because of the need to communicate accounting and financial information clearly and concisely to other accountants as well as lay-people.

Wendy L.

“Champlain was really flexible. Before long I had my associate degree in hand and—only two weeks later—I had secured a senior accountant position. I’ve decided to continue on and pursue my bachelor’s degree because I’ve seen how education pays off.”

Wendy L.