Apply to the Mediation Graduate Program

MSM Tuition

MSM 42 $675.00 $28,350

Bachelor's Degree Requirement

We encourage students from a variety of backgrounds to consider Champlain College’s graduate programs. You must have completed a baccalaureate-level program from a regionally accredited institution with at least a 2.5 GPA or equivalent.

Work Experience Requirement

We suggest that applicants have work experience in a professional setting with opportunities for advancement or learning new skills. Champlain welcomes students who may have little work experience but who can demonstrate their ability to perform in a program that integrates learning into the workplace. Each student's experience will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Official academic transcripts (not photocopies or those issued directly to a student) are required from all colleges and universities you have attended. Please contact each college's Registrar's office and sign a release to have your transcripts sent to Office of Graduate Admission at Champlain College. If you have taken any graduate-level courses, be sure to have those transcripts sent to us, also.


Please submit an updated resume that communicates your work history. You should pay particular attention to the most recent five-year period. Your resume should be at a level of detail sufficient for the Admission Committee to assess your ability to move between projects and assignments within a single organization.


A writing sample (300-500 word essay) is required as part of your application. All applicants must outline why they are seeking a master's degree from Champlain College and how the unique attributes of the program will benefit them.

Letters of Recommendation

You are required to submit two letter of recommendation from a manager or supervisor in your professional field. In the absence of such a manager or supervisor, the recommendation should be from someone who can assess your capabilities as an employee or as a student. Recommendations will not be accepted from relatives or family members.

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

All applicants whose undergraduate education was not delivered in English must submit a TOEFL score, with essay. Minimum total scores required for consideration are 550 (paper) /213 (computer) /80 (Internet). These scores do not guarantee admission. For more information on the TOEFL, visit the TOEFL website.

Personal Interview

A personal interview with a Graduate Admission Representative is required and usually conducted via telephone. The interview will be scheduled as soon as all of your admission materials have been submitted and reviewed by the Admission Committee. The Office of Graduate Admissions will contact you to arrange a compatible format and schedule.

Credit for Life Experience and Transfer Credit

At the graduate level, academic credit cannot be given for life experience or equivalency exams. On a case-by-case basis, you may transfer in graduate-level credits from another accredited institution. At the time of admission, up to six graduate-level credits may be transferred in. All transfer credit is accepted at the sole discretion of Champlain College.

Enrollment Schedules

Applications are accepted year round, to begin in any of the three “start” terms (August, January and May) for the Mediation program.

Most students are part-time, carrying three credits per term. The programs operate on five terms that run throughout the calendar year. As a part-time student, you may begin in any of the three start terms, selecting courses subject to prerequisites. Full-time students will have the most flexibility in course scheduling if they begin in the fall or spring term, due to course sequences. If you prefer to begin in the summer term you may do so, but you may need to extend your completion timeline slightly.

When you enter the program, you and your advisor will develop a personal plan that allows you to start and complete the program as soon as possible, given your own goals and the annual schedule of course offerings.


Office of Graduate Admissions
Champlain College
PO Box 670
Burlington, VT 05402-0670