Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E)

Benefit Summary:

This program's primary function is to help veterans who have service-connected disabilities become suitably employed, maintain employment, or achieve independence in daily living. VA will provide the cost of all tuition, books, fees, equipment, and will also provide a monthly subsistence allowance during training.

To Qualify:

  • Veterans: ≥10% service-connected disability.
  • Active Duty: ≥20% VA disability memo.

To Apply:

Apply online at

To Claim Benefits:

Please provide the VR&E counselor with this information:

Information for tuition voucher:

Champlain College
163 South Willard Street
PO Box 670
Burlington, VT 05402-0670
ATTN: Veteran and Military Services
p (802) 865-5778
f (802) 860-2775

Information for books and supplies voucher: CHANGED EFFECTIVE 8/28/15 

Champlain College Bookstore, Follett
375 Maple Street
Burlington VT 05401
fax: (802) 860-2754
(Manager is Kevin McCann (802) 863-8961 )

Make 28-1905 specifically for the new bookstore in in order for the voucher to be accepted at the Bookstore.  28-1905 made out to Champlain College are not valid at the bookstore because the College and the Bookstore are separate business/billing entities.

If your VA regional office needs a new vendorization form completed, please send it directly Mr Kevin McCann (Manager).

School refunds of excessive funds due to other financial aid

Refunds are only made once:

1. Actual funds are received and/or applied to account.

2. Attendance for the session is confirmed (called census)

Questions about refunds should be directed to the office of Student Accounts.

Contact them at: (802) 860-2777

Additional Information:

Visit our What's Next page for more information regarding claiming your benefit.

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