Graduate Scholarship

You can qualify for a $1,000 scholarship towards your tuition. Available to students who apply and enroll in any of our graduate programs, these scholarship funds are applied directly to your tuition for your first three-credit course taken within the program. This generous scholarship is made available by the Committee for Integrated Studies at Champlain College. This committee is dedicated to enhancing the benefits of professional education through the integration of academic studies and the workplace. This fusion takes learning to a new level of relevance, benefiting organizations and individual careers immediately.

Students who wish to apply for this scholarship must have their application essay submitted prior to the start of their first graduate course.  To find out more about the application process and essay requirement, please call 1-866-282-7259 or email

Scholarships are rarely offered to graduate students, and we thank the Committee for its continued support.

This scholarship is awarded to qualified students on a one-time basis and will be applied to the cost of their first graduate course at Champlain College.