Chapters 30 & 1606 Montgomery GI Bills

Benefit Summary:

The Montgomery GI Bill provides a monthly payment while attending classes based on course load. Can be used with Military Tuition Assistance to pay eligible tuition balance.

Effective Rates:

For up-to-date information regarding the maximum tuition reimbursement for the Montgomery GI Bill and other benefits, please visit the GI Bill Rate Table at

To Qualify:

  • CH 30: 2 years active duty, 3 years active duty, or 2 years active duty plus 4 years reserves.
  • CH1606: Selective Reserve 6 year obligation  

To Apply for CH 30 & 1606:

Apply online at 

To Claim Benefits:

  • The student must contact Veteran Services Office every semester, after enrolling in classes, to request VA Enrollment Certification
  • Only courses that meet degree completion requirements may be counted towards full time enrollment for VA purposes.
  • Students may be required to re-pay benefits if they do not successfully complete coursework.
    For more info, call the VA at 888-442-4551.
  • Students will be required to certify their attendance to the VA each month in W.A.V.E. or call 1-877-823-2378.

Buy Up/ "Kicker"

Higher monthly benefits are paid to Chapter 30 participants with "kickers" and to Chapter 30 participants who make additional Chapter 30 payments. Veterans may have a kicker, additional contributions, or both. The higher benefit rates are paid automatically when benefits are paid. If Veterans don't receive the benefit they believe they are entitled to receive, they should call VA about the discrepancy so that VA can resolve the discrepancy with the Department of Defense. A kicker is part of the enlistment contract. It might be referred to as; Army College Fund, Navy Sea College Fund.

If you need a copy of your contract, order a copy of your service record (which should have a copy within it) from

You should send a copy of your Buy Up/Kicker contract to the VA either:

Call the VA, and ask your question at 888-442-4551. Select option 1, then option 2, then option 0.

Fax to the VA Regional Processing Center Buffalo FAX 716-857-3296:

  1. Mark your name and SSN on each page.
  2. On the cover page, write: "I am providing a copy of the Buy Up contract for proper calculating of my CH30 benefit payments. Please calculate and pay as far back as applicable.
  3. Note that the Fax method will not necessarily get an acknowledgement/reply.

VA RightNowWeb:

  1. Scan your contract into a PDF file.
  2. Go to and select "Submit a Question" (right side of the page). Once logged into your account, open a new question form.
  3. Make the subject "Add Buy Up to my CH30"
  4. Body (is secure): Name, SSN, I am providing a copy of the Buy Up contract for proper calculating of my CH30 benefit payments. Please calculate and pay as far back as possible.
  5. Attach the contract PDF file.
  6. Set Product to "GI Bill & VNAP"
  7. Set Category to "MGIB - Active Duty (CH30)
  8. Continue, then "Submit my question anyway."
  9. You should get a reply email from tech within a few days.

Additional Information:

Montgomery GI Bill - Active Duty and Selected Reserve

Visit our What's Next page for more information regarding claiming your benefit.

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