Your Work and Life Experiences Count

At Champlain College we respect that learning also occurs outside of the classroom through work and life experiences, and that sometimes this learning can be applied toward degree programs.

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

As an adult you probably have some life experience that can be applied toward your Champlain degree. Work with our completion consultant to determine if this is the best option for you; if it is, upon admission to a degree program you will be enrolled in the non-credit workshop.  This instructor-led workshop will help you evaluate course syllabi, outcomes, competencies, assessments to determine how best to document your experience and knowledge in the courses you and your completion consultant identified. In this workshop you will show how your experience corresponds to a course's stated outcomes and competencies.

No grades will be assigned for the non-credit workshop and the courses will come in as transfer credit, therefore, the number of credits that can be granted through the PLA workshop is 75 and may only be used toward a degree program through Champlain College's Division of Continuing Professional Studies. To learn more speak to a member of our admissions team.

Waivers or substitutions

We welcome requests for waivers and substitutions in cases where students have equivalent professional experience or lifelong learning. All waivers and substitutions must be authorized by the appropriate program director or the dean. All waivers/substitutions result in the course requirement being met, but credit is not awarded and another course must be taken in its place.

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