International Students Online Admission Requirements

Students educated outside of the United States and applying for a degree program at Champlain must submit official copies of their high school academic records. These records must contain a list of courses completed and grades obtained and indicate that the student successfully graduated from secondary school. Additional documentation may be required.

If you cannot provide the necessary documentation, Champlain requires applicants to complete the General Educational Development (GED) Exam to satisfy proof of a high school education. GED Exam's are then evaluated to determine the applicant's level of success. Other documentation required of international students is:

  • Results of a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or equivalent proficiency test, such as the English Language Proficient Test (ELPT) for students for whom English is not the first language. For the TOEFL, a minimum score of 500 or 172, with a minimum essay score of 4 is required. For the ELPT, a minimum score of 950 is required.
  • If a student requires an I-20 form to secure a visa for student in the U.S., he or she must provide bank statements or sponsor financial statements, certifying an ability to meet the expenses of attending Champlain College for one full academic year. Sponsors will also need to submit a letter of support.

NOTE: Online students do not need to obtain a visa to study at Champlain College.

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