Tuition & Financing: Champlain College Online

Whether you're seeking a certificate or degree, or taking a course to learn a new skill-set, continuing your education is a smart investment in your future. In the following sections you will find information about our tuition & fees and ways to pay for your education including financial aid and other payment options.

Fall 2015 - Summer 2016 Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

Part-time (less than 12 credits per semester):  $641 per credit hour (summer sessions are part-time only)
Full-time (12 or more credit hours per semester): $7,697.50* Per SEMESTER 
* If you change to part-time status (less than 12 credits) once the semester begins, you will not receive a reduction in the tuition and fees outlined above.

Students taking more than 33 credit hours during any academic year will be charged the per credit hour fee for the extra credit hours.  Please see tuition overload for more information.

Tuition Overload Charge

Approval will be required for students who wish to take more than 18 credits during the fall or spring semester. If the number of credits desired is 18-20, and the cumulative grade point average (CGPA) is at least 3.0, students should consult with the Registrar's Office to request permission. Students with a CGPA of less than 3.0, or with a desired number of credits greater than 20, must obtain the written permission of the dean of their professional program.