Required Forms

On this page, you will find digital versions of the required forms, as well as information on other tasks you need to complete after you have enrolled for the Spring semester.

Enroll by Submitting Your Deposit(s)

Submit a secure online payment for your Tuition and Housing deposit.


If you prefer to send your deposit in by regular mail, please fill out and return the Tuition and Housing deposit form you received in your Admitted Student package in the enclosed return envelope.

Heads Up:

For students transferring into Champlain for the Spring 2016 term, deposits are due two weeks following acceptance.

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Activate Your WebAdvisor Account

Once you have submitted your enrollment deposit and, if you plan to live on campus, your housing deposit, please activate your Champlain account immediately at and follow the activation instructions. Your next step is to visit our Current Student portal and sign in. On the list of links, find "Links that require Log In."  There you will find links for Web Advisor and your Champlain MyMail Email Account. On Web Advisor, you will be able to check current course offerings, pay your bill, contact your advisor, check your grades, review your program evaluation, and submit a change of address and more!  We encourage you to spend time exploring both the Current Student portal and Web Advisor.  If you have difficulty activating your Champlain account, contact the Computer Helpdesk at (802) 860-2710 or

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Set Up Your Champlain MyMail Account

Faculty and staff communicate to students through the Champlain email system regularly about homework assignments, class cancellation notices, registration information, etc. Therefore, it is essential you check it regularly.

  • Go to
  • Log in with your username (firstname.lastname) and the password you created when activating your champlain account in the Log In box on the left side of the web page
  • Find "Links that require Log In
  • The second item on that list is "Champlain Email" (you can "favorite" that link on this page). Click it, and your champlain MyMail Gmail will launch in a new tab
  • You can start using your MyMail account immediately
  • From WebAdvisor, enter the username and password you created above.

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Complete Housing Preference Form (if applicable

For first-year students starting in January: All first-year students are housed in one of our stunning, completely restored Victorian-era mansion residence halls that ring the central campus. Everywhere you want to be is close at hand, including beautiful downtown Burlington, and each is fully loaded with all the amenities, including wireless internet access and laundry facilities. Housing is determined on a first come, first serve basis. The faster you submit your Housing Request Form, the more likely you are to be placed in one of your top choice residence halls (assuming your Tuition & Housing deposits have been made). Transfer students starting in January who would like campus housing: Please fill out the Housing Request Form within two weeks of receipt. Housing assignments will be available through WebAdvisor beginning on December 31, 2015.

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Send your Academic Transcripts

For first-year students starting in January: Please ask your high school guidance office to send a copy of your final high school transcript. If you have taken any AP exams, have an official score report sent to the Office of Admissions prior to January 2, 2016. If you have taken courses at another college, please have that institution send an official transcript.

Mail transcripts to:

Champlain College | Office of Admissions
P.O. Box 670
Burlington, VT 05401

Transfer students starting in January: Request a final transcript from your high school to be sent to the Office of Admissions. Request an official Advance Placement/International baccalaureate exam score report to be sent to the Office of Admissions (address above).

Please have your former institution send an official transcript sent to:

Champlain College | Registrar's Office
P.O. Box 670
Burlington, VT 05401

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Submit Accommodations Services Registration Forms (if applicable)

Our confidential mental health counseling services are available to assist you in managing a variety of mental health challenges, personal issues and academic concerns. Counseling & Accommodation Services Center staff can also assist you by coordinating accommodations if you have learning, physical or psychiatric challenges or conditions. If you are in need of accommodations, please submit the Accommodations Services Registration Form. Upon receipt of this form, a counselor will be in touch with you to discuss how we can best assist you. For housing accommodations, please submit the Housing Accommodations Request Form.

Mail Accommodations Services Form(s) to:

Champlain College | Counseling & Accommodation Services Center
P.O. Box 670
Burlington, VT 05401

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Update Your Emergency Contact Information

We need to know who you want us to call in the even of an emergency. You must fill out this form in order to register for any classes!

  • Go to Champlain Current Student Portal
  • Log in with your username (firstname.lastname) and the password you created when activating your champlain account in the Log In box on the left side of the web page
  • Find "Links that require Log In
  • Select WebAdvisor
  • Under heading "Communications," select the first link "Emergency Contact-Students.

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Submit Your FERPA Consent Form

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a Federal law that affords parents the right to have access to their children's education records. When you turned 18, the rights transferred to you. If you wan to give access to your parents or other designated parties, you must complete the FERPA form and submit it. If you do not, no one on staff will be able to discuss your record with your parents/guardians.

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Submit Photo for Your Champlain ID Card

Your Champlain ID card is an everyday item for you-it serves as your student ID, meal plan card, residence hall key, and even a debit card at certain on-and off-campus locations. Your ID Card will also allow you to ride free on any Chittenden County Transportation Authority (CCTA) bus in Burlington. You may use cash, check or credit card to deposit funds to the cash card. To deposit money to your CC Cash card, visit the Student Life Office or fill out the online form: want to make sure you have a picture you love. So take one, but be mindful that it must meet the following requirements:

  • Individual head shot
  • No hats or sunglasses
  • Should be a color picture, with a light background
  • Must be in jpg format

Once you have your shot, email it to In the subject line, insert firstname.lastname. You can pick your ID Card up when you arrive to campus for Orientation at the Student Life Office, located in Skiff Hall.

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Send In Health Forms

The Student Health & Wellness staff is dedicated to providing confidential, humane care and competent treatment along with responsible referrals when indicated. Vermont state law requires that all students provide up-to-date immunization information. Health Forms are required to be completed in full. No student is allowed to register for classes, or be assigned campus housing, without the information being on file in Student Health & Wellness.

Mail Student Health Form to:

Champlain College | Student Health & Wellness
P.O. Box 670
Burlington, VT 05401

For questions, contact Annika Hawkins-Hilke, Nurse Practitioner | Phone: (802)860-2711 |

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Waive Health Insurance (if applicable)

As a full-time student, being covered by a health insurance policy is mandatory. By default, all students are enrolled and billed for the College's student health plan. If you already have full medical insurance, you can opt out of the Champlain plan, but you must waive the coverage as soon as possible. The online waiver is now available for the 2016 Spring Semester. Any waivers for other students will not be honored. New students will need to activate their access to WebAdvisor, and then follow the directions listed below to process an insurance waiver. Waivers must be received by Friday, January 15, 2016.

If a waiver is not received by January 15, 2016, the insurance plan and associated cost of $840 will remain in effect for the 2016 Spring Semester, unless the student withdraws from the College.

  1. Go to
  3. Click on "Students" and under the heading "Student Accounts," click on "FT Decline Heath Ins." This will link you to the Consolidated Health Plans Champlain College Web.
  4. On this web page, click on blue tab, "Waiver" to DECLINE your health insurance.
  5. Read the Disclosure Acknowledgment to ensure you understand the insurance coverage. Next choose "Continue" at the bottom to go to the waiver form.
  6. Complete the required information. To DECLINE you must enter your insurance information. Review and click on "SUBMIT."
  7. Check the box to indicate that the data is accurate and complete. Type your name in the "Electronic Signature" box, and then click on "SUBMIT." You will see a message that the waiver has been submitted.
  8. A few minutes after completing the waiver form, you will receive a confirmation email. Please print this confirmation and retain for your records as verification that you have successfully completed the insurance waiver.

Learn more about Champlain's student health insurance. If you have any problems with the waiver form online, please contact the Office of Student Accounts at (802) 860-2777.

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Connect. Ask. Discuss.

Surely, you have a question or two. We like to talk. Ask away.

For any remaining questions you may have, feel free to reach out to our Enrollment Service Center team: 802-860-2777 or 1-800-570-5858, ext. 2777.

Again, on behalf of the entire Champlain College community, congratulations!

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