Required Forms

In the late spring, you will receive a special New Student Booklet mailing from us, which includes a calendar of important dates and tasks that you need to complete to ensure your transition into life at Champlain is as seamless as possible. The New Student Booklet details fun and significant aspects of your future life, such as viewing your fall schedule, New Student Orientation, student life and Family Weekend.

The New Student Booklet will give you a complete breakdown of all the steps you need to take before arriving on campus. On this page, you will find digital versions of the required forms, as well as information on other tasks you need to complete and their respective deadlines.

For any remaining questions you may have, check out our FAQ page. Of course, you should also feel free to reach out to our Enrollment Service Center team: 802-860-2777 or 1-800-570-5858, ext. 2777.

Again, on behalf of the entire Champlain College community, congratulations!

Immediate Action Steps

Activate Your Champlain Account — Beginning May 20

To create your Champlain email address, and gain access to Champlain's online services, you will need to activate your account. (Please note: we are unable to set up the activation process until we receive your Tuition/Housing deposits. After you've paid your deposit, you can expect to be able to activate your Champlain Online Account starting on May 20.)

Course Selection Form — Return by June 15

Our Registrar's Office will take care of most of your first semester course registration, but depending on your major, you may have a choice between two or more courses. To determine if you must make any choices, please complete the course selection form.

Select your major from a drop-down menu, and if you have a choice to make, please complete the form. If your academic program does not require you to make any choices in your first semester, a schedule will be created for you by a staff member in the Registrar's Office. NOTE: In order to complete this task, you must first activate your Champlain Online Account.

If you are undeclared in the Division of Communication & Creative Media or the Division of Education & Human Studies, you will be contacted through email by your academic specialist about several course-selection choices. Please reply promptly to any email requests we send.

Housing Preference Form — Return by July 1

All first-year students are housed in one of the stunning, completely restored Victorian-era mansion residence halls that ring the central campus. Everywhere you want to be is close at hand, including beautiful downtown Burlington, and each is fully loaded with all the amenities, including wireless internet access and laundry facilities.

Priority for housing is determined on a first come, first serve basis. The faster you submit your Housing form, the more likely you are to be placed in one of your top choice residence halls (assuming your Tuition & Housing deposits have been made).

Please fill out the Housing Request Form. Transfer students should return the Housing Request document within two weeks of receipt.

Academic Transcript —Return by August 15

Remind your high school guidance office to send a copy of your final high school transcript to:

Champlain College Office of Admissions
PO Box 670
Burlington, VT 05401

If you have taken any AP exams, have an official score report sent to the Office of Admissions as well.

If you have taken courses at another college, please have that institution send an official transcript sent to:

Champlain College Registrar's Office
PO Box 670
Burlington, VT 05402

Consent to Release of Education Records/ FERPA —Return by August 22

A copy of the Consent to Release Education Records is enclosed in the back of Summer Information Booklet One. Please return this form in the envelope provided to the Enrollment Services Center. You can also download the form and either fax or mail it in. The address and the fax number are located on the bottom left corner of the form.

Accommodations Registration Form — Return as soon as possible and no later than August 22

Our confidential mental health counseling services are available to assist you in managing a variety of mental health challenges, personal issues and academic concerns. Counseling & Accommodation Services Center staff can also assist you by coordinating accommodations if you have learning, physical or psychiatric challenges or conditions.

If you are in need of accommodations, please submit the Accommodations Services Registration Form. Upon receipt of this form, a counselor will be in touch with you to discuss how we can best assist you.

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Other Action Steps

Academic Test for Mathematics—Registration opens July 1

All students at Champlain College are required to take at least one course in mathematics. Some students may take a Mathematics Challenge Exam to waive their particular requirement. You must score 70% or higher to pass a Challenge Exam. If you pass your Challenge Exam, you can either register for a higher-level math course or take an elective. The Challenge Exams are offered during New Student Orientation every fall. If you feel you are qualified to take an exam, please register starting on July 1st. Learn more about what math challenge exams are offered at Champlain here. 

Health Form — Return by August 1

Vermont State law requires that all students provide up-to-date immunization information. Please download a copy of our Health Form and return it by August 1 to: 

Champlain College Student Health Services Office
PO Box 670
Burlington, VT 05402

LEAD Requirements — Complete by August 7

As a first-year student, you will learn more about our Life Experience Action Dimension (LEAD) program during New Student Orientation and throughout your first year at Champlain. However, as a part of the LEAD program, all students are required to take two online assignments before they come to campus. These assignments are completing your Career Profile on JobSpot, Champlain's online career management platform, and a Financial Sophistication Assessment.

Champlain ID Card —Submit by August 15

We require you to submit a photo to be used for your Champlain ID. The picture needs to be a color individual shot in .jpg format. No hats or sunglasses.

Email your photo to:
Email Subject line: firstname.lastname

Receiving the picture in advance will allow us to process your ID, giving you card access to your residence hall, bedroom and the dining hall.

Emergency Contact Form — Complete by August 20

Fill out your Emergency Contact form via WebAdvisor. To access WebAdvisor, you first need to activate your Champlain Online Account. You will be able to access WebAdvisor starting on May 20.

Health Insurance Waiver — Complete by August 28

Champlain provides a mandatory student health plan for all students who are not covered by another policy and have not completed the online waiver form. In order to avoid being charged for the College's health plan, you must waive this coverage by August 28. Learn more about and waive Champlain's student health insurance.

Orientation — August 28-30

Learn about and register for New Student Orientation.

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