Chapter 33 Post 9-11 GI Bill® - Transfer of Entitlement

Benefit Summary

The Post-9/11 GI Bill ® allows certain eligible service members to transfer some or all of their earned benefit entitlement to one or more dependents. Benefits may include tuition/fees paid to the school, a housing stipend, and a stipend for books and supplies.

To Qualify:

  • Eligible service member must be currently serving in the US Armed Forces, PHS, or NOAA. Time in service requirements apply. Re-enlistment may also be required, unless eligible for retirement, subject to DOD rules.
  • Children are only eligible until age 26. Spouses may also receive transferred benefits.

To Apply:

To Claim Benefits:

  • The student must contact Veteran Services Office every semester, after enrolling in classes, to request VA Enrollment Certification.
  • Tuition/fee benefits will be paid directly to the College. The student is responsible for any share if less than 100% eligible.
  • The book allowance and monthly housing allowance will be paid to the student via direct deposit (call 877-838-2778 to update bank info).
  • Students may be required to re-pay benefits (tuition, books, housing) if they do not successfully complete coursework.

How it works

The Veteran Services Office works up what we expect the VA to pay in tuition (based on your CoE) and enter that onto your account as a "pending" payment so the Student Accounts Office knows funding is coming. We process and certify your enrollments to the VA well before each semester and ideally (!) the tuition will be paid near the beginning of the session and you will receive the Books and Supplies Stipend near the start of the session, maybe even before class starts. Don't expect the Book and Supplies Stipend to arrive before class. If it does, great!  It may not, though. Plan on obtaining your books with or without the stipend so you have them for the first day of class.

Champlain College scholarships can be applied towards the student's cost of attendance.   

Champlain scholarships will be offset by the amount of the College's Yellow Ribbon contribution. Refund of excess financial aid is provided after all funds (Title IV, State Grants, VA tuition, etc.) have been received by the school and attendance in all sessions has been confirmed.

School refunds of excessive funds due to other financial aid

Refunds are only made once:

1. Actual funds are received and/or applied to account

2. Attendance for all sessions in semester are confirmed (called census)

Questions about refunds should be directed to the office of Student Accounts.

Contact them at: (802) 860-2777

Additional Information:

"Post 9/11 GI Bill®" is a registered trademark of the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs