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Veterans Affairs Education Benefits and your status

Please complete our questionnaire. The results will allow me us to get to know you and which benefits you intend to use.

You will have to provide a copy of your VA Certificate of Eligibility (CoE) to the Veteran Services Office. The VA provides a Student Veteran a CoE after processing an application for VA education Benefits. If you need to apply to the VA you can complete a Veteran's Online Application (VONAPP) at http://vabenefits.vba.va.gov/vonapp/. A copy of a completed application can be provided to the Veteran Services Office while awaiting the CoE which typically takes 4-6 weeks.

If you already have been issued a CoE, but can't find it there are some options:

  • Log into your Premier Level eBenefits account and obtain a snapshot of your Post 9/11 GI Bill status to forward to the Veteran Services Office (sco@champlain.edu)
  • You may call the VA at (888) 442-4551, option 1, option 2, and option 3. Ask the VA Education Specialist to send you a CoE or to fax a copy to Champlain College ATTN: Military and Veteran Services Office, (802) 860-2775

Documents without PII or banking information can be attached to an email sent to sco@champlain.edu Documents can be securely faxed to (802) 860-2775 ATTN Veteran Service Office Or mailed to Champlain College, ATTN: Veteran Services Office, 163 South Willard Street, PO Box 670, Burlington, VT 05402-0670


We highly encourage to you obtain Premier Access to your VA eBenefits account. Go to www.eBenefits.va.gov to register. eBenefits is sort of like online banking for your Post 9/11 GI Bill. You will get 7/24/365 access to you remaining benefit eligibility, payments issued to you and the school, and processed enrollment data. It should be your first stop is you are wondering if the VA has processed your enrollments or issued a benefit payment.


You need to give us your Military Transcript in order for your Military occupational experience and Military training to transfer to Champlain College credits. To get your transcript, go to to the JST website, unless your branch of military service is the Air Force. In that case, go to the Air Force transcript page.

Federal Student Aid

We always strongly recommend student veterans apply for Federal Student Aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.  Your eligibility for Student Aid is not impacted by your VA Education Benefits and can give you access to grants (education money that does not require repayment) and federal student loans (that do require repayment), which you can decline, reduce or accept as you feel necessary.  Think of it like this: You can't get financial help if you don't ask. It's also good to have things in place in case the VA benefit is not sufficiently comprehensive or timely.

The Federal Student Aid is to be used to help pay for the "cost of attendance". This may include tuition, books, a computer, meals, living expenses. More information is available at: www.studentaid.ed.gov

We strongly recommend you only take student loans if you need them to attend school. For example, if you are going to have Chapter 33 at 100% eligibility, then your tuition is going to be covered by the VA and you will get a modest housing stipend and books stipend. However, if you are using the Montgomery GI Bill, you want to use Federal Student Aid to cover your tuition at the beginning of the semester. Federal Student Aid like grants and student loans are provided if you need them. Grants do not require repayment, student loans do require repayment. For information on how to apply for financial aid, please visit our Applying for Aid page.

In the application, have your student aid report (SAR) sent to Champlain College. The Office of Financial Aid will review it and send you an Award Letter which list all grants scholarships and federal student loans available to you. You can accept, reduce or decline any or all of the student aid listed by lining out, initialing and returning the award letter to the Office of Financial Aid. Your state may also have student aid (Grants or Scholarships) available to you that requires the SAR to process. It's recommended you research your state's Department of Higher Education (or equivalent agency) to find out details and how to apply.

Champlain scholarships will be offset by the amount of the College's Yellow Ribbon contribution. Champlain College scholarships can be applied towards the student's cost of attendance.

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