Work-Study Process in Detail

OnBoarding/Payroll Forms

A process called OnBoarding must be completed each year prior to the first day of work.  The federal I-9, W-4, college Confidentiality Statement, and optional Direct Deposit form are included in this process. 

 Any student who has not worked for Champlain College in the past 365 days must present specific original ID for the completion of the I-9.  Acceptable forms of ID are listed online at The most commonly provided are an original, unexpired Passport or Passport Card or; an original, unexpired Driver's License or Champlain College ID with an original Social Security Card or a certified copy of the student's birth certificate.  Copies or faxes of documents cannot be accepted. 
Further instructions for OnBoarding and Student Contracts for the 2013-14 academic year will be sent to students' email accounts in July. 

Time-Entry Instructions

Time-entry instructions are being developed now for a new college Payroll System that is in the process of being implemented at this time.  Students will receive instructions at the time they begin working. 

Meal Periods/Break Time/Limitations of Hours Worked

Students are entitled to a 30 minute meal break when they work more than six consecutive hours in a day.  This break is unpaid.  A 15 minute break after four consecutive hours of work is recommended and is paid. This break cannot be added to a meal break or taken at the beginning or end of a shift.  Break time may not be accumulated. 

Student Pay Rates and Job Levels

Federal Law and College policy states that those who perform equal work must receive equal pay. The 2013-2014 Student Pay Schedule was established as a guideline for pay rates for all student employees.  Rates are based on factors such as but not limited to the following:

  • Range and complexity of the job's duties
  • Knowledge and skill requirements necessary to perform the job
  • Relevant experience and training
  • Increased responsibility, market conditions, and/or recruitment difficulty
  • Equity, including salary relationships with other student employees
  • Untraditional work hours
  • Difficult work environment

2013-14 Pay Rates

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5*

Level 6*







*Applicants are required to submit a resume to be paid at Level 5 and Level 6. 


Contract dates begin on the first day of classes and extend to the last day of final exams in the spring semester (or last day of final exams in the fall if the student is a December graduate.)  Students may not earn over their fall semester Federal Work-Study award in the fall semester. If a student does not use all fall eligibility within that semester, the remaining portion may be carried over and used over winter break or in the spring.  Students who are studying abroad are not eligible for Work Study when they are abroad.

Calculating Number of Hours a Student May Work

The number of hours a student may work per week varies, but it is recommended that the student not exceed an average of 20 hours per week.  The following chart can be used to estimate the number of hours a student may work. 

Work-Study Contract Amount

If the student begins working after the start of the semester and would like to calculate the number of hours of eligibility, use the number of weeks remaining in the semester or academic year (based on a 30-week academic year or 15-week semester) and the following formula:

     award amount / number of weeks remaining / rate of pay

 Example: $1250 semester award/13 remaining weeks/$8.75 (Level 1 pay rate) = 10.99 hours per week.

If a student is working two jobs, the hours the student may work cannot exceed the numbers in this calculation between the two positions. 


Before the spring semester ends, supervisors are encouraged to complete a Student Evaluation Form for each student employee.  If issues were experienced during the student's employment, establishing an outline of the desired improvements can be particularly helpful. Having an open conversation at this time helps students to understand this is a real job and that there are expectations that must be met.  In addition, evaluations can be an important tool when working on a resume.

Helpful Contacts

General Questions Enrollment Service Center (ESC) 1st Floor Perry Hall 802-860-2741
Eligibility/ Regulations / Contracts Michelle Veladota Federal Work-Study Program Manager Room 226 Perry Hall/Office of Financial Aid

802-865-6435     802-860-2775 (fax)
Job Search / JobSpot / Job Fair Angela Hyldburg Operations Specialist / Career Advisor Career Services / 328 Maple Street 802-860-2720
General Payroll Questions/ Time Entry / Direct Deposit Jackie Greer / Payroll, Assistant Director Human Resources / 2nd floor Lakeside Campus 802-864-5431 802-860-2713 (fax)
General Payroll Questions/ Time Entry / Direct Deposit Leslie Carew / Payroll, Director Human Resources / 2nd floor Lakeside Campus 802-865-5440 802-860-2713 (fax)

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