Early Decision Applicants


Early Decision: Round One

  • Applications due November 1st
  • Portfolio Requirements due November 1st*

Early Decision: Round Two

  • Applications due December 15th
  • Portfolio Requirements due December 15th*

*Early decision portfolio submissions are only for majors with specific portfolio requirements.

Why Early Decision?

  • Streamline your application process: Early Decision admissions is designed for students who know Champlain College is their #1 choice.
  • Stand out from the crowd: Applying Early Decision demonstrates your high level of interest in and commitment to attending Champlain.
  • Get on the fast track: Applying Early Decision allows you to fast-track your admissions and financial aid process.
  • Start strong: Of the 700 students who enrolled to start at Champlain in the fall term 2016, 250 of them were admitted via Champlain College's Early Decision program.
  • Secure your place in high-demand majors: Students applying to programs with an enrollment cap (Game Design, Game Art & Animation, Filmmaking, Graphic Design & Digital Media, Digital Forensics and Radiography) are able to secure a place in the entering class prior to the opening of regular admissions.

If you have any questions regarding Early Decision, please contact your admissions counselor. Your admissions counselor is assigned based on your state of residence, and email is the preferred method of communication.

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