Portfolio Requirements


For some majors, a portfolio is a required step in the Admissions process. The purpose of the portfolio submission is to evaluate your development as a creator and assess your ability to thrive in the program you've selected. We are looking for evidence of enthusiasm for the kind of work each major requires along with some of the basic technical and cognitive skills you'll need to succeed in our fast-moving curriculum.

The following majors require a portfolio submission: Creative Media (BFA), Game Art & Animation (BS), Game Design (BS), Graphic Design & Digital Media (BFA), and Filmmaking (BFA). All portfolio submissions will be reviewed by the faculty of each respective major.

MajorPortfolio RequirementMore InformationSubmit Your Portfolio
Creative Media (BFA)2 creative submissions and a personal statementDetailsSlideroom
Filmmaking (BFA)
1 video or movie sample (up to 5 min) OR 1 film script (5-10 pages)DetailsSlideroom
Game Art & Animation (BS)3-5 examples of animations or images of creative workDetailsSlideroom
Game Design (BS)Create a simple board game based on a specific themeDetailsSlideroom
Graphic Design & Digital Media (BFA)
Art portfolio consisting of 5 artistic pieces or images AND art narrativeDetailsSlideroom

Note: Students admitted to Champlain with a portfolio that does not meet the artistic requirements of the major, may be accepted as an undeclared student within the Division of Communication & Creative Media (CCM). As an undeclared CCM student, you will be able to try out various creative classes, strengthen your artistic qualifications, and likely switch into your desired major at a later date. 

Application Deadlines

Admissions Program

Due Date

Notification Date

Non-Refundable Deposit*
Due Dates

Early Decision I: First-year only

Dec. 1

Beginning Dec. 15

Within 3 weeks of admit date

Early Decision II: First-year only

Jan. 15

Beginning Feb. 15

Within 3 weeks of admit date

Regular Decision: First-year

Feb. 1

Beginning Mar. 15

May 1

Regular Decision: Transfer

Mar. 1



Spring Enrollment*





We have heard from a number of interested students that they are concerned with meeting our original Early Decision Deadline due to SAT score delays. To accommodate this, we have extended our Early Decision deadline to December 1st. The Innovation Scholarship will remain valid through this date.

If there are any ongoing circumstances that prevent you from submitting your Early Decision I application by December 1, please contact the Office of Admissions by email (admission@champlain.edu) or by phone (802.860.2727).

*Housing Deposit Dates: Admitted students interested in residing in one of Champlain's residence halls should submit their non-refundable housing deposit along with the tuition deposit.
**Certain majors are not eligible for Spring enrollment.