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In many of the majors in the Division of Communication & Creative Media, a portfolio is a required step in the Admissions process. The purpose of the portfolio submission is to evaluate your development as a creator and assess your ability to thrive in the program you've selected. We are looking for evidence of enthusiasm for the kind of work each major requires along with some of the basic technical and cognitive skills you'll need to succeed in our fast-moving curriculum.

The following majors require a portfolio submission: Creative Media (BFA), Game Art & Animation (BS), Game Design (BS), Graphic Design & Digital Media (BFA), Professional Writing (BS), and Filmmaking (BFA). All portfolio submissions will be reviewed by the faculty of each respective major. Students that are admissible to the college, but do not have a portfolio that meets the artistic requirement of the major, can be accepted to Champlain College as an undeclared Division of Communication & Creative Media student. As an undeclared student in the Division of Communication & Creative Media, you will be able to enroll in classes to strengthen their artistic or writing qualifications so you may be fully admitted to your desired major at a later date. Each year, approximately 40 students do just that and enroll as undeclared students in the Division of Communication & Creative Media.

Major Portfolio Requirement More Information Submit Your Portfolio
Creative Media (BFA) 2 creative submissions and a personal statement Details Slideroom
Filmmaking (BFA)
1 video or movie sample (up to 5 min) OR 1 film script (5-10 pages) Details Slideroom
Game Art & Animation (BS) 3-5 examples of animations or images of creative work Details Slideroom
Game Design (BS) Create a simple board game based on a specific theme Details Slideroom
Graphic Design & Digital Media (BFA)
Art portfolio consisting of 5 artistic pieces or images AND art narrative Details Slideroom
Professional Writing (BS)
3-5 pieces of writing (fiction, poetry, screenplay, essay, memoir, etc.) Details Slideroom

Portfolio Review Days will be posted starting Fall 2014.

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