August Orientation

Save the Date: August 26–28

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Registration fee: $80–The registration fee covers meals and special programming for the three day Orientation program.

A strong start is an important part of your college experience, and our Orientation program is designed to give you just that. Interested in meeting new friends, touring the campus, and learning about the services and opportunities that Champlain offers? Then Orientation is for you!

Our orientation has been designed to accommodate the needs of its participants. Whether you are spending time in the Vermont outdoors with a small group of your peers during one of our Summer Launch programs, cruising on Lake Champlain with your class during August Orientation, or simply learning the icy ropes during January Orientation, you are sure to begin establishing your place at good old Camp Champ!

Orientation Schedules

Official schedules are now available for August 2016 Orientation in PDF format:

August Student Orientation Includes:

We invite all new students to attend our Champlain College Orientation Program. During our Orientation program, new students will meet their academic program faculty and advisors, learn about important services and opportunities available throughout the academic year, and begin to make new and lasting friendships.

Our program starts at 8 a.m. on the Friday when residence halls open. Students and families will have time throughout the morning to move into their residence hall assisted by Resident Assistants (RA's) and student move-in crews.

After moving in, students and families should head to the residence halls for formal check-in. At check-in students and families receive their full Orientation schedules and meet their peer advisors. Families and friends are encouraged to stay and participate in the day's events until mid-afternoon on Friday. With the departure of family and friends at mid-afternoon, the official student portion of the orientation program begins.

In the past, our program has received rave reviews. This year our orientation leaders are again planning an exciting, fun-filled, and informative weekend.

We look forward to seeing you at Orientation! If you have questions about Orientation, please contact Lisa Mazzariello at

  • Get prepared for the Academic Test for Mathematics
  • Residence halls open on Friday at 8:00 a.m. for orientation attendees
  • The registration fee covers meals and special programming for the three day Orientation

"Coming into college, I was as nervous as they come. Orientation showed me that the rest of my class was in the same boat I was, and that there were plenty of people around to help me. Now, I have been part of the Orientation Leader team three times, and have been able to help out numerous incoming students see the same things I did during that weekend. I found a home at Champlain, and I am confident that with the right resources, each incoming student can do the same — it's a great thing to see happen!"
—Elizabeth Myrick, Alumni