Meet Mark Zammuto of Career Services

Mark Zammuto

Since he arrived in December 2009, Career Advisor Mark Zammuto has been making innovative changes to Champlain's Career Services Office, helping to put students on the map.

Zammuto's career path is long and varied, having begun his career at the University of Massachusetts Amherst while he completed his Bachelor's in Plant and Soil Sciences and Master of Education degree in School Counseling with a certification in Advanced Graduate Studies in Higher Education Administration, a Global Career Development Facilitator Certification. Between his entry into his Bachelor's Degree program and starting at Champlain as a Career Advisor for the Division of Information Technology & Sciences (ITS), Zammuto found time to tour all 50 states, mainly with his brother's band Zammuto, and was on an international circuit teaching yoga and meditation.

"Five years from now, you're going to look back at all the lives you've lived. As an undergraduate, your last four months will be filled with uncertainty, like where to live and work, and I like helping students figure out their lifelong career management education," said Zammuto.

With his educational and differing career background and training in professional organization, Zammuto knew he wanted to work in Champlain's "high performance, well-resourced Career Services Team."

"I'm more of an industrial engineer; I work within a system to optimize growth. Instead of growing food and plants, I'm cultivating lifelong career management education," he says. "I love coming up with new, clever ways of saving time and energy in helping students manage the crux of their careers."

"One Docs" A Game Changer

With students at the heart of his motivation, Zammuto was recognized for his innovative strategies for student career success. He received the Staff Council 2013 Innovation Award and the John Lavallee Award for Technological Solutions because of his idea for One Doc. One Doc is a web-based, one-page document of weekly job and internship positions available that directly links to the postings on employers' websites. 

"We wanted and needed an effective way to connect students with local employers, so we made the One Docs," Zammuto explained. "Now students can see the most current, relevant jobs opportunities in one click.

"The One Docs are getting recognized after three to four years of being available, and they've led to a lot of connections and strengthened relationships within the community."

Seeking a way to promote opportunities to students, Zammuto developed the first One Doc for ITS students over the summer of 2011.  By the fall of 2012, One Docs were available for every division. "The One Docs quickly became the most popular resource of the Office, receiving hundreds of views weekly," he said.

Today, the One Docs are maintained by students on the Career Services YES Team. The "created by students, for students" job postings have helped countless Champlain students acquire the jobs and internships they wanted. One is Champlain Computer Information and Technology senior Benjamin Mace.

"I think the first time I reached out to Mark was during my LEAD 202 requirement, Strategically Marketing Yourself," Mace said. A required workshop for second-year students, it is designed to assist students in determining how past and future experiences in the work, school, volunteer and extracurricular areas can be used to support their career paths, through resume and LinkedIn help.

Before Mace's junior year, Zammuto helped him land an interview with Burlington attorney office Lisman Leckerling, P.C. "I hadn't decided at that point if I wanted an internship yet, but I thought even if I didn't get it, I'd gain interview experience. It was a win-win situation." Mace said.

Mace got the internship and worked with Lisman Leckerling from September into February of his junior year. He spent the next couple of months working with Zammuto to get his resume out to the Burlington community for another job. Before summer, Mace acquired two internships, one at Marathon Health and the second at Burlington International Airport.

Near the end of the summer, Marathon Health asked Mace to stay on through his senior year. "I was formally asked to stay after graduation in December. I emailed Mark for help and met with him the next day. We talked for maybe an hour, discussing comparable salaries and benefits within the area," said Mace. "Without him, I wouldn't have known what I was getting myself into. He even helped me with negotiation."

Months before graduation, Mace had solidified a full-time job to begin in May, and he certainly isn't the first or the last student that the One Docs and Zammuto have helped. "I try to push anyone in ITS to talk to Mark," Mace said. "Mark makes it really easy to take the first step."

With the One Docs and Zammuto's personal help, each year Champlain students are taking their first steps towards their careers and professional development.

Since their official launch in 2012, the One Docs have reached almost 15,000 views.

The YES Team

The YES Team also provides resume and cover letter support for ITS students, along with focusing and contributing to larger projects, like computer games and One Docs. In 2011, Zammuto's YES Team launched Portfolio Panic, an educational Flash game designed to bring student awareness to their professional image. Portfolio Panic has helped 50 students on average over the last three years complete their junior year professional development LEAD requirement.