SGA Presidents, Past and Present

Compiled by Kayla Hedman '14

Chelsea Hutchings

Chelsea Hutchings '14

"The key to accomplishing big goals comes from nothing other than teamwork: start together, finish together."

Major: Graphic Design
Hometown: York, Maine
SGA Year: 2013-14 President

What was your mission this year for the SGA? What do you want your legacy to be? Redirecting the mission and role of the Champlain SGA on campus and within the Burlington community. Spreading student representation to more committees than ever in the history of the school and increasing student engagement. Serving as the first student on a presidential search committee at Champlain. Restructuring the election process with the addition of forums and debates. All of this could never have been accomplished without the whole team; we did it together.

What are your plans after graduation? Navy Officer Training

What is your favorite memory from the SGA? The SGA election results party, where we had more attendees than any Champlain SGA event thus far, and broke the school record for attendees at a late-night dining service.

Graduation Speech - Senior Address

Adam RoweAdam Rowe '14

"Champlain has delivered on everything it promised.  Looking towards graduation, I feel that I am prepared for the real world that I have been emerged in since day one of college. Champlain dares to be different, and it works."

Major: Marketing
Hometown: Meriden, Connecticut
SGA Years: 2011-13, Vice President, then President

What was your mission for the SGA? What do you want your legacy to be? In my sophomore year I became the Vice President of a newly shuffled around Student Government. We had high goals but group dynamic and unclear positions lead to little being actually accomplished. When I assumed the role of President the following year it was my goal to clear things up and create a restructured student government that would lay a foundation for years to come. It took a lot of time and effort, but thanks to my great colleagues we were able to completely re-write the bylaws of the student government and introduce a new structure. It was a goal planted by President Finney a year prior and it was my mission to get the job done. Looking back, it took a lot of time but it was worth it. I am proud of the work that was done and cannot wait to see where it goes in years to come.

What are your plans after graduation? As of now I am unsure. To stay in Vermont or not to stay in Vermont: that is the question. I am very interested in niche markets and would love to do something within the automotive or retail industry. Going forward however I would love to stay involved with Champlain in some way and am very interested in the newly created alumni positions on the Board of Trustees. I feel that I have a great understanding of how Champlain operates and feel that I could bring a unique student perspective to the table. 

What's your favorite memory, related to the relationships you built during your time in the SGA? I would not have accomplished what I did without the support of the administration and President Finney. They provided a support system that made change easy. They were, and continue to be supportive of student efforts and I view many of them as friends. I mean, where else could you walk into the college president's office and borrow a paperclip from the president himself? Or print your homework on his printer? Nowhere. Champlain fosters relationships, and it is those relationships that I will cherish and take away from my years at Champlain. 


Viktor JagarViktor Jagar '12

"Success is the ability to see an opportunity, take action, and thrive in the moment."

Major: Software Engineering
Hometown: Williston, Vermont
SGA Years: 2010-12, Director of Finance, then President

What was your mission for the SGA? What do you want your legacy to be? I was the transitional leader, taking the SGA from being run by seven directors to a hierarchy with a President and cabinet, much like it is today. I also worked to increase student participation and awareness of the Student Government as a powerful entity on campus.

What are you doing now? I work for an international web consultancy firm, DRI Global, based out of Portugal, doing business consulting on process workflows and integrating it into the web focusing on analytics, website integrations, customer-relationship management, and lead generation.

What's your favorite memory from Champlain? I will never forget seeing President Finney flipping burgers at the Freshman Orientation BBQ every year. Having future student leaders arriving on campus and seeing that their College's president is approachable and relatable is a great testament for a leader and has influenced my career path.

Honors: Won Presidential Award at Senior Trustee Dinner for exhibiting outstanding campus leadership