Integrated Studies

Online Bachelor's Degree

A Champlain College online Integrated Studies degree is for adults who have completed a number of college credits, sometimes in a variety of areas and other times almost enough to have earned an associate degree. This degree provides an option to maximize the number of credits you may transfer in to Champlain College while at the same time fulfilling the requirements for a meaningful area of concentration.

Enjoy Success

Time and again studies show that individuals with a college degree have more opportunities and jobs with higher wages and better benefits than those with less than a college education. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Education individuals with a bachelor's degree earned: 28% more than those with an associate's degree, 53% more than those with only a high school diploma and 96% more than young adults who did not earn a high school diploma.

Study at Your Convenience

Online courses in our integrated studies degree program are available in 7 week sessions, which means you can complete your degree or certificate quickly and get to work sooner. Additionally, you can go to class any time day or night; there is no set schedule of when you have to be "in class." There are weekly deadlines and assignments, but when you work on them is completely up to you and your schedule.

Build a Professional Network

In your Champlain College online courses you will learn not just from your professors, but also from your classmates. You'll share best practices and experiences with each other, making online learning a great way to build a network of professional, and personal, relationships that will benefit you throughout your career.

Receive Guidance and Support

Champlain supports you from start to finish. Our dedicated advisors help you navigate the admissions, transfer credit and financial aid process. Once you are enrolled they will assist you with any issues you have, from managing workload to how to get your books. After you've completed your program we have career planning services to help you make the most of your degree.