Career Resources

Looking for resume, cover letter or interview question examples? Curious about what resources Champlain College students and alumni find useful?

Below you will find career resources for all undergraduate and graduate residency programs. If you're looking for undergraduate or master's level career resources that are not listed below, please contact your career advisor.

In addition, be sure to check out the three outstanding online career resources for all majors: JobSpot, Career Shift and CareerSpot!

Robert P. Stiller School of Business

Accounting (BS)

Business Administration (BSBA)

Finance (BS)

International Business (BS)

Management & Innovation (BS)

Management of Creative Media (BS)
Specializations: Game Management,  Publication Management, Streaming Media Management

Marketing (BS)

Communication & Creative Media

Broadcast & Streaming Media (BS)

Specializations: Publishing, Sonic Arts

Communication (BS)

Specializations: Journalism, Publishing, Sonic Arts

Creative Media (BFA)

Specializations: Creative Writing, Game Media, Interaction Design, Moving Image (Film and Video), Sonic Arts, Visual Art & Design

Filmmaking (BFA)

Specialization: Sonic Arts

Game Art & Animation (BS)

Game Design (BS)

Specialization: Sonic Arts

Graphic Design & Digital Media (BFA)

Specialization: Publishing

Professional Writing (BS)

Specializations: Journalism, Publishing, Screenwriting

Public Relations (BS)

Specialization: Publishing

Education & Human Studies

Criminal Justice (BS)

Specializations: 21st Century Problems, Computer Forensics, Spanish Language

Early Childhood/ Elementary Education (BS)

Specializations: Educational Technology, Literature

Environmental Policy (BS)

Legal Studies (BS)

Middle School Education (BS)

Psychology (BS)

Secondary Education (BS)

Specializations: Educational Technology, Literature

Social Work (BSW)

Information Technology & Sciences

Computer & Digital Forensics (BS)

Specializations: Computer Science, Cyber Investigation, Digital Forensic Science (4 +1), Economic Crime Investigation, Cybersecurity:Threats & Mitigation

Computer Information Technology (BS)

Specializations: Information Systems, Web Application Development

Computer Networking & Cybersecurity (BS)

Specializations: Cybersecurity, Network Administration

Computer Science & Innovation  (BS)

Specializations: Mobile Application Development, Software Engineering

Game Programming (BS)

Radiography (AS)

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