"The content of the program, the instructors, guest speakers from around the world, and my fellow program participants were all amazing. It was a transforming and inspiring experience, about compassion, hope and renewal. I know I will be a better leader for it, in all walks of life."
~ Stephanie M. Paul, Frank + Collins

"ExcEL increased my awareness of how I operate in the world."
Larry W., Redstone Commercial

"The ExcEL program is a must do experience for senior leaders in any organization. The material is presented with such intelligence, flair, fun, and insightful mastery that one will leave the sessions greatly enlightened. The instructors expertly craft the material into an enjoyable, fun, insightful, experience. It was truly a game changer for me, and an experience not to be forgotten. I highly encourage all senior level leaders to engage in this richly rewarding experience."
 ExcEL Graduate

"I think it is rare as a leader to have an opportunity to step away from work and find time to focus and really learn from peers in a safe environment and have some good structure around that learning."
Brian L., Dealer.com 

"ExcEL is guaranteed to provide any leader of on organization with new skills and attributes which will enable him or her to be successful in the 21st Century."
ExcEL 2011 Graduate

"This program is more useful and more effective than any other I have experienced.  ExcEL is well designed and smoothly executed and the format is rich for learning and developing targeted competencies."
~ Jennifer P., PKC Corporation

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