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At Champlain, we are directly connected with our students' progress. Our Career Services Office reaches out to graduates to follow up on their success and collect feedback. Furthermore, our goal of giving students a career-focused education involves a line of communication between our faculty and local businesses. Champlain graduates are unique, so it isn't a surprise to hear employers buzzing about their success.

"I love working with Champlain grads and students, they have been well prepared to work and are eager to do well."

—Kathie Cheney, PHR , Technical Connection, Inc. Burlington, VT

"You are incredible!  Champlain was well represented [at our event] and many of the students asked great questions. As a parent, I would be very pleased with the career services that you provide at the school."

—Gallagher, Flynn & Company, LLP , South Burlington, VT

"All 4 employees are very strong technically, I think it shows well the quality of classes/projects the students do. Even though we prefer to hire locally for entry positions, they are a step above (training wise) local graduates."

—Gameloft, Montreal, Canada

"We've hired many Champlain [College] students as interns and full-time employees.  They tend to be very professional and experienced."

-Union Street Media

"[Champlain College graduates] create community value by offering new information." 

-Burlington Police Department

"[Their] fresh eyes, eagerness to learn and energy add value"

-Marsh Captive Solutions

"One of your students now has a permanent job with us and the other two summer interns were excellent artists. They accomplished so much during their internship that if there are open positions when they finish their program at Champlain College, they will be more than welcome (even encouraged) to come back to Funcom."

- Kim Pasquin, Human Resources Manager at Funcom, Montreal, Canada

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