Build Your Own Business Scholarship Program

The BYOBiz scholarship was established to support students that either have developed and launched their own business or have an aptitude for entrepreneurship. Submissions will be evaluated based on the thoroughness of the business plan and the potential for success as evaluated by the scholarship committee.

Scholarship Eligibility

  • Successfully submit all application requirements for Champlain College.
  • Complete one of the following scholarship application requirements via SlideRoom
    1. Business Plan Executive Summary: Please submit a business plan executive summary for a business idea you have been working on and would like to pursue in the future. If you haven't prepared an executive summary for your business yet, just tell us about the business, including your thoughts on any or all of the following topics:
      • The business concept, its mission and what excites you about it.
      • Briefly describe your primary customer, the problem your business will be solving for that customer, and the ways in which your solution will be superior to other alternatives.
      • Briefly describe the skills, experiences, passion you will contribute to the business' success.
      • Briefly describe the other members of your team and their roles, either currently on board or planned.
      • Identify the anticipated competition to your business and how you plan to compete.
      • Briefly describe how you plan to reach prospective customers and how you will convince them try and to use your product or service.
      • Briefly describe how you will produce and distribute the product or service to your customers - online, retail, etc.
      • Briefly describe the simple business model, i.e.  how will the business make money and become sustainable?
      • How much capital do you estimate will be needed to launch and grow the business?
    2. Reflective Essay: Write an essay that helps us understand you better as a potential entrepreneur. You may decide to include any or all of the following:
      • Discuss the attributes, characteristics and skills of an entrepreneur which you feel describe you now, or which you feel you can acquire with practice and experience?
      • Which do you feel are ones that you will grow into at college?
      • Tell about your experience(s) in entrepreneurial activity. It could be an actual business, social cause, or some endeavor that you believe was entrepreneurial.
      • Describe how you hope to contribute to the entrepreneurial environment at Champlain.
    3. Other: With approval from the BYOBiz Director, Mr. Robert Bloch, students can submit an alternative submission that demonstrates either their business success or evidence of their potential as an entrepreneur. This may come in the form of a documentary, an interactive experience, a film script or any other medium that communicates the student's vision and potential. In addition, students can request that an interview be their submission. The interview needs to be with Mr. Bloch and one member of the scholarship committee. Students should contact Mr. Bloch at for more information.

Deadline Dates

  • Early Decision I: December 1, 2013
  • Early Decision II or Regular: January 15, 2014

Scholarship Amounts

  • Two Platinum BYOBiz scholarships of $10,000
  • Other scholarship amounts distributed based on the quality of their application submission and admissions application

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