Champlain College Publishing Initiative

Nobody else in the world is doing what we do. Our students are actively involved in the great experiment that is publishing in the twenty-first century.

Since 2009, more than 250 undergraduates from eight different academic disciplines — writers, editors, copy-editors, proof-readers, graphic designers, illustrators, artists, marketers, publicists, accountants, videographers, web geeks — have played a part in some kind of real-world publishing activity.

  • We've ushered more than 20 books through every step of creation and production. (And yes, we're talking both print and eBooks, and even interactive eBooks.)
  • We've supported them with websites, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and all the apparatus of social media.
  • We've conceived, set up and staged live launch events, and we've also done virtual launches involving live web chats with the authors.
  • We've created groundbreaking video book trailers.
  • We collaborated with the American Academy of Pediatrics to create an interactive website to allow global discussion of children's health.

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It's not a question of "How can we keep up with what everyone else is doing?" It's a question of "What can we try that nobody else is doing?"

Watch out.

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