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The EMC is currently hiring for the Spring 2013 semester! APPLY NOW!


(Instructions: Download application, save locally to your computer, fill in fields, save again and follow email instructions for submission. If you have any problems with the application, please email

Download job descriptions here (please view JobSpot for full information, number of openings, etc)
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Am I qualified to work at the EMC?

The EMC hires students with a broad range of skills, from first semester through the summer after graduating. While positions cannot be guaranteed to students without foundational skills in their discipline of interest, the center thrives when younger students can be mentored by experienced employees. This ensures a smooth transfer of knowledge from one project team to another, in addition to providing a unique learning opportunity. You must be a Champlain College student to apply.

What do I need to apply?

The EMC requires three key pieces to each application: a cover letter, resume and sample work.

A cover letter should explain why someone is qualified for a particular job at the EMC. It gives the hiring team better insight into the applicant's interests, written communication skills, and personality. This is an opportunity to stand apart from other people who are applying for the same position. Spelling and grammar errors should be avoided, as they can suggest a lack of care for the job or inattention to detail.

A resume is an organized list of skills and experience. Several pages of irrelevant personal details can frustrate an employer who is trying to find key information. Like a cover letter, the resume should be tailored to the position under consideration.

A good resume for the EMC will be no longer than two pages and will include:

  • Contact information (locally accessed phone numbers and email address - not points of contact back home)
  • Objective (the exact position applied for, and personal goals)
  • Work experience (employment dates, job titles, and concise descriptions of responsibilities)
  • Projects (roles, team sizes, and links to content if available)
  • Relevant Coursework (classes taken or currently taking that relate to the position, both from high school and Champlain)
  • Education (current year at Champlain, major, and any past degrees/certifications/training)

Sample work should include one to three pieces that reflect the applicant's current skill set and show an investment or passion for learning and growing. These pieces do not have to be polished, finished, or published; however, care should be taken not to show content that is fundamentally broken or may be considered offensive. Sample work may also include a test issued by the EMC specific to the positions posted.

My application is ready. What happens after submission?

Just like a real business, the Emergent Media Center conducts an application and interview process prior to hiring any student employee. The process starts two weeks prior to each semester.

  • Available positions are posted through the JobSpot, and lists are distributed to college faculty and staff members for recruitment. These positions are open to all current Champlain students, and sometimes recent graduates.
  • Applications are reviewed through the start of each semester in weekly batches. Deadlines for submission are drop-dead dates, and positions are often filled on a first qualified, first hired basis before the end of our submission window.
  • Based on the quality of the application, the EMC decides whether or not to conduct an interview. This is a common practice in the world of human resources and should not be a surprise! Interviews are scheduled in weekly batches based on the date of student response to the interview invitation.
  • Depending on the position, a second round of interviews may take place, and applicants may also be issued a challenge to complete shortly after the interview.
  • Job offers and rejections are issued via email to every applicant. If hired, students are expected to complete paperwork and begin filling their positions as soon as possible.
I've been invited to an interview. Where is the EMC?!

The EMC is housed within the Miller Center at the Lakeside Campus. Shuttle buses run continuously from the main campus to Lakeside throughout regular business hours. For details and directions to the EMC, see the Contact Us page.

I didn't get a job offer. Is that the end?

When students are not offered a paid position, it doesn't mean that they are unwelcome at the EMC! All students are encouraged to reapply for future positions or to come in and discuss volunteer opportunities. Working at the center on a volunteer basis is a great way for the staff to get to know a student and his/her skill set.

More questions

With questions specific to employment at the EMC, please contact:
(802) 383-6650