Working at the EMC

What is it like to work at the EMC?

EMC Experience

Every semester the EMC employs over 50 undergraduate students to work on a variety of projects. The students have a unique opportunity to gain valuable "real-world" experience for their post-collegiate careers. Projects range anywhere from brainstorming & prototyping, to mobile applications, fully developed games, and interactive new media. Students can become involved at the EMC through work-study, regular employment, internship, or volunteerism - depending on project needs.

The EMC is open to everyone - from all years and all majors. We have graduate students becoming project managers; Business & Marketing students strategically market EMC products; Education students informing content creation for best learning practices; and Software Engineering, Art & Animation, Game Design, Graphic Design, Web Design, and Film students all acting as part of student teams working on Center projects.

However, the EMC is not just all work and no play according to Ann DeMarle, the Director at the EMC, "We work hard and play hard." At any time, you can find the staff joking around and even playing a game of Rock Band with the students. In addition, throughout the semester, numerous events are planned to help students manage their stress levels from school, work, and everyday life. The staff understands that it is important to love what you do and to make work as enjoyable as possible.

The Process

EMC Experience

All EMC projects are collaborative creations between students, faculty, and clients. Students formulate their ideas, pitch their concept to the client, and produce the work with ongoing collaboration from all parties. Team members meet with clients, work together, and experiment to find the best solution to their problem or discover the true root of the problem. It is a constant effort to work with the client to meet and exceed their expectations throughout the project's lifecycle.