Game Studio Senior Show 2014

Champlain College Game Studio

Champlain College's 7th annual Game Studio Senior Show will open on Thursday April 17th at Arts Riot in Burlington, VT. Building on its successful history, this year's show will be on display for two full weeks, exhibiting seven games for the public to view and play.

Arts Riot, located at 400 Pine Street, Burlington, will display the games during its normal business hours: Monday-Saturday, from 5:00 p.m. until closing.

In addition to the daily game-playing sessions, the Show's organizers invite the Burlington community to attend an Artists Talk, also at Arts Riot, on Wednesday April 23rd. Student representatives for each of the games will be available to demonstrate and discuss their creations from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Finally, on Friday May 2nd from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Arts Riot, the public is invited to attend the show's closing reception during which the organizers will announce the Game Studio's first annual Game of the Year.

Watch the event live

Live streaming video by Ustream


Thursday April 17th - Friday May 2nd

5PM-Close, Monday-Saturday - Senior Game Studio games will be on display and playable for the Burlington community, Arts Riot

Thursday April 17th

3:30-5:00 - Reception for recruiters from the game industry, Morgan Room

5:30-8:30 - Keynote, viewing of Senior Reels, Alumni Auditorium

8:30-11:30 - Opening reception of Game Studio Senior Show, Arts Riot

Friday April 18th

All Day - Student interviews with game industry professionals, Champlain College, various locations

Friday April 18th (INVITATION ONLY)

Vermont Games and New Media Accelerator Round Table Discussion

Exact time and date TBD - A luncheon to discuss the state of the game industry in Vermont with local and state officials, industry representatives and Champlain College representatives. This event is being coordinated by Edmar Mendizabal and Lars Hasselblad Torres.

Wednesday April 23rd

5:30-8:30 Artist Talk - Senior Game Studio students will talk about their games and answer questions for the general public. Each of the seven teams will have 20-30 minutes to discuss its work, Arts Riot

Friday May 2nd

5:30-7:30 Closing Reception - Announcement of the first annual Champlain College Game of the Year. This event will be in conjunction with the first Friday Art Walk as well as Arts Riot's first Truck Stop of the Year, Arts Riot:

The Games


[o] (pronounced "Oh") is a 3D ball rolling adventure game, set in an abstract world and visually enhanced through a minimalist art style. Players strive to rid their surroundings of corruption by traversing dangerous and beautiful environments in order to stabilize the collapsing world. [o] drives the player to question the meaning of their actions as well as to experience the hero's journey through visual representations and unique level design. [o] supports Xbox Controllers and is available for PC.


Zach Agostine - Producer

Alex Martens - Lead Programmer

Corbin Percy - Programmer

Connor Fullerton - Lead Level Designer

Paden Hall - Level Designer

Marc Loiselle - Lead Mechanics Designer

Reid Flamm - Mechanics Designer

Taber Noble - Lead Artist

Peter Orzell - Audio


Quetz is a first-person puzzle game where the player takes the role of an explorer trapped in a lost civilization. The player soon meets Quetz, an ancient Goddess trapped in a gauntlet that gives them the power to resize objects throughout the ruins. Quetz offers a simple to learn, intuitive puzzle game, combined with beautiful art, making a truly immersive experience. What secrets lay hidden in the ruins? More importantly, can you survive them?


Ian Giovannetti - Lead Producer

Ben Dorsey - Lead Designer/Audio

Dylan Rainville - Lead Artist

Jesse Ferland - Lead Programmer

Justin DeBernardis - Programmer

Peter Fitts - Level Designer

Jonathan Buresh - Level Designer

Markel Carter - Environment/Effects Artist

Brendan Riley - 2D/UI Artist

Christopher Marini - Technical Artist/Animator


Robo-Ruckus is a locally played multiplayer game designed for public venues. Players connect via their mobile devices (Android and iOS) to either solve puzzles as a team, or duke it out in competitive mini-games. In cooperative games, players must push a ball around the level while solving puzzles to advance. In the competitive mini-games, players will try to overcome their enemies and achieve total victory.


David Wilkes - Producer

Mitchel Hamilton - Lead Designer

Trenholme Griffin - Lead Sound Designer/Level Designer

Aaron Goldman - Sound Designer

Boyd Pellett - Lead Programmer

Jack Donovan - Graphics/Gameplay Programmer

Marc Eclipse - Lead Artist

Brandon Kovler - Character Artist/Animator

Eric Miles - Environment Artist


SunBots is a mobile platformer in which the player uses gravity-based jumps and boosts to navigate solar systems. The player needs to collect sun shards in order to restore dying suns. As the suns revive, life is brought back to the surrounding planets and expands the area for exploration.


Ryan Steinmetz - Producer

Matt Surdej - Lead Designer

Chris Mastenbrook - Technical Designer

Remy Vogler - Systems Designer

Matthew Jordan - Level Designer

Melissa Gill - Lead Programmer

Desiree Fernandes - Lead Artist

Liznel Piña - Character Artist


VacuuLab is the first ever third-person vacuumer! It is a multiplayer game that pits teams of goo-men against one another. Teams shoot goo at enemies until they can vacuum them up and return them to their base to gain an extra life for their team or they can kill them outright to deplete that team's goo spawn tickets. However, on the way back to the base, the enemy who was vacuumed can slosh back and forth in the backpack, dragging their captor into environmental hazards and into harm's way.


David Pictor - Producer

Ross Derham - Lead Designer

Bryan Gabay - Designer

Chris O'Connor - Lead Artist

Chris Bresnahan - Artist

Taylor Peet - Artist

Thomas Francis - Lead Programmer

Daniel Houghton - Programmer


VXT is a single-player racer that revolves around speed, skill, and the competitive spirit to deliver pulse-pounding action. Players control a robot wheel and a polarity field, using their skills to climb, bounce, and smash their way through varied levels. Import the top player's ghost and race directly against their record-breaking run. Our online/offline leaderboard updates you with your best personal time and the ones from around the world. Hone your skills and race for the top in this wild ride. VXT requires controller input and is available for Mac OSX and Windows.


Jason Wiles - Producer

Chris Mendenhall - Lead Artist

Evan Tetreault - Lead Designer

Ian Percoco - Lead Programmer

Brian Rouleau - Level Designer/Scripter

Gilly Thrall - Level Designer

Mike Vautour - UI/Environmental Artist

Michael Elderhorst - Programmer/Webmaster

Sean McFarlane - Level Designer

Julian Lenz - Audio Producer


Wisp is a networked team based multiplayer game that utilizes explorative gathering of resources in a competitive setting to create an experience that can be both relaxing and exciting depending on the player's preference. Players compete as tiny fairies in teams to score the most points by gathering the most wisps, spirits of the forest, before the end of the night. Among the magical wisps are special power wisps which allow players to boost their personal collection abilities or slow down their competitors. Wisp is playable using mouse and keyboard, and Xbox controllers on PC, Mac and Linux.


John Van Wie - Producer

Philip Wellheuser - Lead Designer/Audio Designer

Talal Daoud - Lead Artist

Ian Mason - Lead Programmer

Scott Ethington - Lead Level Designer/Lead Audio Designer

Ross Carey - Designer

Raymond Perkins - Level Designer

Allan Dunn - Environment Artist

Kevin Berry - UI Artist/Environment Artist

Michael Eaton - Prop/3D Artist

Jake Jackson - Programmer

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