The Academy Experience

Taking game ideas from concept to execution is a team effort, which is why real game industry studios revolve around collaboration.  The Champlain Game Academy immerses you in a workplace setting that replicates what you'll experience as a professional game developer.

Under the direction of professors The Champlain Game Academy will introduce you to all aspects of game development, including game design, game art and animation, programming, sound, testing and production.  The curriculum is modeled on the collaborative approach of The Game Studio cohort at Champlain College.   Students will have the opportunity to focus on their areas of special interest, and with the instruction of industry professionals will finish the Academy by co- creating a finished portion of a game.

Come to The Champlain Game Academy to explore the possibilities of the exciting and growing field  of Game Development. Get a head start on building a portfolio to pursue your passion after high school.

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