Certificate in Digital Forensic Management

In an industry with few graduate-level opportunities, the Champlain certificate program educates students in many facets of this booming field. As with our online master's programs in Digital Forensic Science and Digital Forensic Management, the certificate program is designed to provide advanced education in the field of digital forensics. The comprehensive curriculum - which uses both commercial and open-source forensic tools - delves into key aspects of digital forensics, including operating system analysis,the roll of evidence management in forensic examinations and methodologies for the preservation of digital devices.

The graduate certificate in Digital Forensic Management (12 credits) can be a career-booster. And if you decide later that you want to pursue a Champlain master's in Digital Forensic Management, you'll be well on the way to earning a degree, and all credits transfer. Some certificate credits also will transfer into the Digital Forensic Science program.

Students in Champlain's forensics programs start with a big advantage - all of our practitioner-instructors are nationally known experts with broad experience. This ensures that everything you learn is relevant and current. The courses are updated continually to address the field's rapid changes. We consulted widely in developing our programs to guarantee that they meet employers' needs. Our advisory board includes many well-known leaders in the industry.

Upon completion of the Digital Investigation Process Management Certificate, graduates will be able to:

    • Analyze the legal requirements of a digital investigation.
    • Summarize the process of digital forensics.
    • Design policy and procedures for digital forensics.
    • Compare and contrast the different types of digital investigation.
    • Evaluate methods of digital forensic analysis.
    • Discriminate between the requirements of a civil and criminal digital investigation.

    Digital Forensic Management Certificate Curriculum:

    Course #DescriptionCredits
    DIM 500 The Practice of Digital Investigations  3
    DIM 530 Legal Principles of Digital Investigations  3
    DIM 550 Computer Forensics Laboratory Operation and Management  3
    DIM 560 Digital Investigation for Civil Litigation  3
    Total Credits: 12

     Cost of Program

    Tuition* $8,628
    Estimated Books and Supplies $504

    Length of Program

    Intended Time to Completion: 8 months**


    Jobs related to this program as determined by the US Department of Labor/Employment and Training Administration

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     *Based on 2013-14 tuition of $719 per credit hour; this rate is subject to change, as tuition increases
    **Calculated by assuming student takes one, 3-credit course for each 8-week term. It is expected that students who opt out of enrolling in consecutive terms will take longer to complete the program.

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