In an industry with few graduate-level opportunities, the Champlain certificate program educates students in many facets of this booming field. As with our online master's programs in Digital Forensic Science and Digital Forensic Management, the certificate program is designed to provide advanced education in the field of digital forensics. The comprehensive curriculum - which uses both commercial and open-source forensic tools - delves into key aspects of digital forensics, including operating system analysis, mobile device analysis and network forensics.

The graduate certificate in Digital Forensic Science can be a career-booster. And if you decide later that you want to pursue a Champlain master's in Digital Forensic Science, you'll be well on the way to earning a degree, and all credits transfer. Some certificate credits also will transfer into the Digital Forensic Management program.

Students in Champlain's forensics programs start with a big advantage - all of our practitioner-instructors are nationally known experts with broad experience. This ensures that everything you learn is relevant and current. The courses are updated continually to address the field's rapid changes. We consulted widely in developing our programs to guarantee that they meet employers' needs. Our advisory board includes many well-known leaders in the industry.

The certificate is a perfect option if:

  • you want graduate-level education in digital forensics
  • you don't want to pursue a full graduate degree but want to gain knowledge (and certification) related to digital forensics.
  • you have either an undergraduate or graduate degree in computer science or a similar field and want in-depth proficiency in digital forensics. You do need some digital forensics knowledge to be accepted into the program.
  • you chose not to complete the master's in Digital Forensic Science but want at least a graduate certificate in the field (and can decide to return later to complete the degree).


Course #DescriptionCredits
DIM 500 The Practice of Digital Investigations 3
DFS 520 Operating System Analysis 3
Choose two of the following electives:
DFS 510 Scripting for Digital Forensics 3
DFS 530 Incident Response and Network Forensics 3
DFS 540 Malware Analysis 3
DFS 550 Mobile Device Analysis 3
Total Credits: 12

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