Web Design & Development Degree Outcomes

Upon completion, graduates with a B.S. Degree in Web Design and Development should be able to:

  • Apply web design principles
  • Apply eBusiness concepts to web-related projects (e.g., analytics, adwords, search engine optimization, web 2.0 for marketing)
  • Apply ethical standards and copyright laws in web-related projects
  • Design effective and usable websites (e.g., quality content, navigational structure, organized layout, site maps)
  • Evaluate websites based on interactivity/design elements and principles (e.g., contrast, alignment, color, space, navigation, user feedback)
  • Write text for web pages, applying appropriate principles
  • Identify web accessibility issues and incorporate accommodations into design (e.g., ADA, browser, Web Accessibility Initiative-WAI, Section 508 Standards)
  • Create and manipulate images from various sources and editing programs (e.g., layering, adjusting, transforming, optimizing, slicing)
  • Create pages using web authoring software
  • Identify and apply HTML/XML/XSL/CSS tags and attributes for web page design (e.g., title, metadata, table, link, forms, frames, image maps)
  • Apply effective web page management and publishing techniques (e.g., free vs. paid, languages supported, spam filtering options)
  • Maintain site accuracy (e.g., verify links, update content)
  • Create meta tags to be utilized by a variety of search engines
  • Conduct usability testing
  • Use advanced web creation techniques (e.g., modify JavaScript, incorporate browser plug-ins, use CSS, incorporate streaming media)
  • Apply animation tools and techniques
  • Distinguish among components and functions of n-tiered architecture
  • Design websites using appropriate security principles, focusing specifically upon the vulnerabilities inherent in common web and other server and client implementations
  • Explore new internet technologies, tools, and techniques and build, navigate, and interact within them
  • Configure servers and related applications to provide functionality and deliver website content

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