Upon completion, graduates with an A.S. Degree in Web Design & Development should be able to:

  • Employ fundamental computer theory to basic programming techniques.
  • Use fundamental skills to maintain web server services required to host a website.
  • Select and apply markup languages for processing, identification and presentation of information in web pages.
  • Use scripting languages and web services to transfer data and add interactive components to web pages.
  • Create and manipulate web media objects using editing software.
  • Incorporate aesthetics and formal concepts of layout and organization to design websites that effectively communicate using visual elements.

Upon completion, graduates with a B.S. Degree in Web Design & Development should be able to do everything from the A.S. learning outcomes, plus:

  • Conceptualize and plan an internet-based business that applies appropriate business models and web technologies.
  • Combine multiple web technologies to create advanced web components.
  • Design websites using appropriate security principles, focusing specifically upon the vulnerabilities inherent in common web implementations.
  • Incorporate best practices in navigation, usability and written content to design websites that give users easy access to the information they seek.