Checking LEAD Requirement Status

Step 1Login to your student dashboard and open Webadvisor

Log into your 'My Champlain' dashboard with your Champlain College username and password at Once logged in, open the webadvisor window by clicking on the 'Webadvisor' link at the top of the page.

Step 2

Follow the link to the student section of Webadvisor

Navigate to the panel for current students by clicking on the 'Students' link.

Step 3

Follow the Program Evaluation link under the Academic Profile section

View your current program evaluation by clicking on the 'Program Evaluation' link found in the section labeled: 'Academic Profile.'

Step 4

Select your major and proceed

When prompted, select your current area of study and click 'Submit.'

Step 5

Find and review your LEAD requirements

Scroll down your program evaluation untill you see a box labeled 'LEAD Requirements.' Here you can find which LEAD requirements you have completed, which requirements are due, and what you have left to complete.

The Letter 'Y' indicates that you have completed this requirement.
'*IP' stands for 'In Progress.' These are your current LEAD requirements.
If the requirement says '1 course needed,' this means that you have not yet completed this requirement and it is not due this term/semester.

Thank you for your interest in LEAD!