Repaying Your Student Loans

Got Student Loans?!

The average student loan debt in Vermont is over $27,000*, so you probably do, but it's going to be okay!  The important part of carrying student loan debt is knowing your options for repayment and understanding the language your lenders are using, as well as how and when you need to communicate with them.

In this workshop, you will learn what it means to defer or forbear your student loans, how to estimate what your monthly payment will be, how to know if you should consolidate your loans and what your other repayment options are--such as standard, graduated, extended and income-based repayment. 

Don't let your student loan debt stress you out!  Know your rights and your options when repaying your student loans!

Taught by: Baine Trombley, Loan Certification Specialist, Champlain College

*Project on Student Debt