Online Financial Workshop for Third Year Students

LEAD 306 Online Option (Third Year Students Only)

Financing Your First Car (Accessible through Canvas)

So you're thinking about buying your first car, but are you thinking about what your future car will really cost you? Do you know what will the finance charges be, what the best loan term for your financial situation is, or how much will this car really cost you per month after gas, insurance and repairs are considered?

In this workshop you will think about your priorities, do preliminary research and finally pick three cars to investigate fully. In completing this workshop, you will learn about and use online tools that will help you estimate all the costs around buying your first car.

Once you've finished your work, you'll have a real estimate of what a new and used car will cost you, and, hopefully, you'll have picked a car that will work for your lifestyle and budget.

Please note: This online workshop concentrates on the financing and budgeting costs involved with buying your first car. If you are interested in the experience of buying a car, you should also attend our live Buying Your First Car Workshop which covers: negotiating, dealer tactics, financing details and scams to look out for. Click here to check out the calendar of live workshops.